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2018 V2V Victory Highway Relay

June 22 - July 4

About the Events

In 1921, a group of American citizens formed a group, known as the Victory Highway Association, to create a transcontinental highway to commemorate American Forces members who were in killed in action during World War 1. The highway, which existed between 1921 and 1938, went through numerous configurations and iterations using existing and specially constructed roads, bridges and ferries. This highway would be known as the Victory Highway and it crossed the country between New York City and San Francisco, California.
In the spirit and celebration of all veterans, and those who gave us their ultimate sacrifice, the Victory Motorcycle Club is pleased to announce the 19th Annual Victory Highway Relay “V2V” for 2018. This year’s two week thirteen leg journey will begin in San Francisco California heading to the high western desert, rising to the Rocky Mountains, rolling through the agricultural plains of the Midwest, motoring to the great eastern valleys and finishing at Alantic City, New Jersey!

The V2V is open to all riders, regardless of the make and model of your sled!  Come out and enjoy any of the individual 13 riding legs, which vary between 150 to 350 miles.  Each leg will be led by a leg captain who will lead riders through unique routes between point cities where the V2V relay baton will be passed, daily. Riders are encouraged to ride any leg or ride the entire V2V. If you plan to ride this year, expect a good ride, meet new friends, wear some event swag, and, of course, sit down for refreshments and food! If you can’t ride this year’s event, follow your fellow riding brothers and sisters journey, who will be tracked with GPS tracker, on an internet.
If you interested in participating or leading a leg in the 19th annual ride, navigate to THEVMC.com, and see the postings in the events forum under the Victory Highway Relay V2V threads. These threads will allow readers to post ideas and suggestions, and introduce one another to leg captains and their plans. The V2V hopes to see you on the journey and wishing your ride to be your BEST EVER!


Vohn Busby