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    26 March 2023 16:00

    Cory Wiemelt, the owner of The Hawg Pit had reached out about hosting a get together. It's been awhile that I myself has gotten together with the actual chapter of our VMC chapter, so let's plan on taking over Grafton on our beloved Victorys and take a ride up the river road for some lunch. We'll meet in the parking lot below the Piasa bird on the bluff. I'm sure most of us knows where that is but if not I'll post a pic of the location in the comments. If it happens to rain or be a general crappy day, we'll plan on the following Sunday, same time and place. So please let me know of you can make it, would like to get most, if not all of us to join up for a day of fun. And after lunch if we want to make the ferry run up and around Hardin and back down the river road, we can do that too. Let your friends know too, any and all are invited.

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