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  1. Pure Freedom Victory Riders New Zealand is involved with this great event. This is a charity to help the Mission put food on the table for those people that find it difficult to put on at this time of the year and for kids who may miss out on toys. Last year I went on the ride in support paid my $20 NZ and got my event badge and put in 2 toys 1 for a girl other for a boy. This year I asked the members if they would like to support and my Canterbury Riders all said yes. I approached the Mission and asked if we could help out they said that they would be happy for us too but to catch up with the organizers witch I did after a good talk on the phone then a meeting they were happy for us to help out then 1 of the organizers said to me look would you and your group like to be in on this next year as one of the two organizers was moving away I said I would be happy to but would have to ask the group. Happy to say that they all stepped up to the plate and said yes so a our next club meeting it will be put in the minutes to make it official 😀 So proud to be a part of this charity event and the group 😀. Thanks Kram (President)😎
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