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  1. a friend mentioned this to me so googled and I'll be damned it really does exist....haven't come across any reviews but the story behind the invention is interesting, and if it works like they say seems a worthy investment at only $40 and is reusable: http://drivebelt-911.com/index.html
  2. you are talking about the Nat'l meet in TN right Tom?
  3. figure they check such things at the test track in Iowa or MN. As for me, in Daytona its 39 tonite with whatever wind chill...so its thinsulate jeans and heated jacket....will take cold over rain any day :chpr
  4. Thanx to all the VMC members who showed up to enjoy the venue, food, meet other riders and see all the great lookin Vics that were a testament to the talent and creativity of Victory owners who really showcased the potential of customizing...notably Hot Vic... Also, this was all made possible due to Andy at Volusia Motorsports in cahoots with Vivian at BJ's Brewhouse. What other manufacturer does this for their owners especially during Bike Week or Biketoberfest?...Victory is a niche market and even with its growing popularity and ownership, I still hear other riders sayin 'hey theres one of the Victorys' time and time again. The two XC's that won Best in Show at the Cabbage Patch Bagger Bike Show blew all the Harley entries away and left 'em humbled. Let Andy know you enjoyed the event and stop by BJ's for meal next time your in town and thank Vivian for her support as well
  5. theres a dinner goin on sponsored by Volusia Motorsports and BJ's Brew house on Friday nite:
  6. lookin for suggestions for a compatible rubbing compound for Vic's finish on gf's two tone red n silver XC paint job...got some surface blemish's that wont remove with other cleaner products...thanx
  7. had a great time in the Ozarks several years ago outta Eureka Springs in AR...maybe time to do another Meet out there :ir
  8. ok, so got parts to rebuild shock, but cant get a socket under the front bolt due to clearance issue from the rear exhaust manifold pipe...manual says nothin about removing it so what am I missing???....help a brother out if ya can :tu
  9. thanx for the link, I will chk it out and see what can be done...I will say though, as the former LC Chairman (in fact I believe I helped you guys get signed up) your chapter has indeed shown what can be accomplished. Its not always about numbers, but participation. One oddity, you're in the extreme NW, and we're in the extreme SE...farthest two points with greatest expanse of mighty good riding inbetween...and yet share highest count of members thus far. Cheers :beer
  10. RDZ, I noticed below your message is a proclamation that yours is the 'Largest LC in the VMC'...just wondering by what calculation makes that possible?....square miles?...number of members?...just curious.
  11. you'll also need to install a load equalizer unless you like quicky blinkys! :blnk
  12. They are aftermarket, so make sure you get one specifically for you model and year....anyway you gotta loosen the cable then after installing the ez-clutch you'll have to readjust cable play again, but once its done you'll wonder why you waited... 8)
  13. go to the local biker swap meets and look for a mid '80s HD FLH fairing, it'll match up to your stock shield brackets but youll also need the fairing brackets that go with it....repaint it, then use your old brackets and cut a piece of the shield out for some custom lowers 8)
  14. What, if any, effect does ethanol have on the the octane value or detonation factor?
  15. Some of you at Helen may have heard my TC wailin like a stuck pig when I hit the start button...got some opinions including Kx and Hatch about the starter needing replacement....but was readin thru the service manual and it specifies similar noise when the slip clutch goes bad...so my question is can that be replaced w/o removing the idler gear?...the manual isnt too specific about the procedure, anyone else go thru this and can you offer any tips and/or advice?...thanx
  16. 65 ft. lbs. alignment should stay the same, unless the axel gets pulled outward the spacers shouldnt move
  17. did a search for ya and found this from the tech bench: http://www.jwynn.net/start.pdf
  18. Stabil now has a fuel system treatment to specifically counteract Ethanol effects that can be used in m/c's....I tried it, and immediately noticed improvement, its about $10 for 10oz treats at 2oz per 5 gallons.
  19. dont know about the ACM issue, but consider installing a run-turn-brake switch which comes with a built in equalizer then you can have all the lights in back do all three duties, I gotta kuryakyn 5410? but there are others that work.
  20. dont know whats in it, but I use the Victory cable lube via eyedropper, seems to work fine and last long time :y:
  21. Here's a link to the Speedway, if you wanna race they have some rules for gear. http://www.orlandospeedworld.org/
  22. I can see a new Forum being added ....The '1 to 1 Club'...ie.1 hp to 1 c.i. or better for those of us who have had our engines stepped up...be interesting to see how many out there :y:
  23. get ready, these bitches are BRIGHT!... http://www.hyperlites.com/stdsf.html
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