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  1. That looks like a great time. Thanks for the pictures. Ronnie
  2. I'll be there May 18, if I don't have to work. Ronnie
  3. How scenic? 69 and 71 are mostly 4-lane. 71 becomes 2-lane north of St. Joseph, MO and runs through the cornfields. You might consider going east of Joplin to 65. It's a good 2-lane and goes through lots of small towns and countryside. I believe you can follow it all the way to Des Moines. You could jump over to Springfield on I44 to 65, but I wouldn't. I would go north from Joplin to Nevada on 71, go east on 54 to 65. 54 is a nice 2-lane and fairly scenic. El Dorado Springs is 20 miles east of Nevada and has a Victory dealer. They are 1/2 mile south of the 54/32 junction (last light
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