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  1. As I do not know the members of the event committee and can not log in to that section or know where to find them on the new layout ( is there a offices section where you can see who is doing what to contact them ? ) I would like to get this event added HardBall 3 3rd - 5th August 2018 Beaufort Luxembourg by Victory Rider Luxembourg VMC info on FB at Victory Rider Luxembourg VMC Thanks John
  2. This is taking its time I'am hoping for a west coast meeting
  3. Thanks for the update its nice to know where the monies go to. Also thanks for making me feel welcome so far from home and I hope to see you both in Lewiston, where we will have to be the ones working.
  4. He sure gave my 650 Vee Strom a workout on the way back to Hot Springs on the Saturday rideout Now in Canada MB for the weekend see you all next year.
  5. About the same mileage for me as I have to go via Northern California on my way from Seattle.
  6. Where do I register anyone have a link ?? thanks
  7. I'am heading North to Canada Rossburn in Manitoba after the VMC meet and would like to visit the factory does anyone know if it would be possible to get a tour sorted out for other riders heading that direction. I understand that they would need an idea of numbers if some think like this was to happen. Has anyone got a contact name to arrange something like this ? See you in Hot Springs Arkansas uk John Sorry to say on the Vee Strom DL650 again, to costly having a second Vic seating in the USA.
  8. Thanks Northern See you in hot Springs uk John
  9. Just booked a room still have a few left uk John
  10. Hi Frank Thanks for a great weekend glad it all went, and the hard work you crew put in, not sure when I will make the next one its on the summer list of things to do.
  11. Heres a link to a few more pic's and the surrounding area, Thanks to you all for a great weekend http://www.vicowners.co.uk/Photos_new.html
  12. Hi Gayle Not a problem I know work tends to get in the way on a short visits, see you in Prescott I'am working this month and may be some of May about 6 miles from the airport, testing part of a new TV installation in Isleworth. Bye for now
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