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  1. I am meeting Leg 1 somewhere around Lodi depending on the route... any ideas yet??? just let me know... R
  2. well for those of us that like to ride 3 or 4 legs at a time, this wont work... lets leave it like it was and proceed west to east... R
  3. we all had a great time... kudos to the Palmer Divide LC.....
  4. I'll be at dinner mon eve in castle rock... see ya all there.... R
  5. fun leg, fun people, terrific riding and u-turns... a few pics....
  6. post your pics here... leg 1 and 2
  7. so make sure ya plan a quick stop in Oakley at American Motorcycle Repair to say hi and hot coffee R
  8. Donna, you give such great hugs,,.. don't tell Ron.. see ya there.. sounds good Paul.. lets go...
  9. Hey Jimmy, ran into a guy named Ray at Runamuuca that has a bike shop in Oakley on 4 in town. He wants us to stop in and say hi and have a cold drink. American Motorcycle Repair, 5293 Neroly Road, Oakley.. facebook---- https://www.facebook.com/pages/American-Motorcycle-Repair/610208965679133 not the 4 bypass, but thru town..... Randy..
  10. so we have 5 of us ridding to Ely the 2nd,, starting leg 13, but peeling off at Eureka north to Carlin, to Elko,north thru the Res and home... so will not be coming to Carson City.... sorry Bob------------R
  11. im meeting ya all in carson city and ridin to austin,, the north,,, .. see ya there---R
  12. rolled into the garage about 530p good ride home. broke fron the group early and went to Fernley and north.. hot and windy.. R
  13. Hey Milt,, when mine did that, I had to replace the speed sensor.. happened in April of 2000, rode the whole summer on the Tach.....speedo sensor finally fried and blew the 20amp fuse.... R
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