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  1. well, Samuel Hunter showed up tday at 945am......---R
  2. well, the group will have to count me out this year,, never missed one yet, however sh*t gets in the way at times... R On a better note, those that met my daughter-in-law Erica(Jeffs wife) last V2V,, well she is due the 4th of July, so that keeps me around here to to be part of my new grandsons birth.. Samuel Hunter Couch,, I will post some pics.. you all will just have to go forward without me this year-----Randy
  3. went to Twin Falls and had lunch with Tom n Patty tday... they stayed in idaho Falls and are on the way to Elco, NV,, then on to Lake Tahoe...... Randy
  4. great riding and riders----home at 7pm with a little rain the last 10 miles----not bad--------R
  5. Victor,,hope ya can,, always a fun time---Randy
  6. booked two rooms---see ya all there,,from Ely---R
  7. Res made in Ely...2 rooms..Jeff n Erica will be there,,1 yr ann. ride---Randy ridin to Utah,, then home--R
  8. Jim,, got my shirts tday---thanx---Randy
  9. Jim,,,,thanx for doing all the work-------R
  10. for anyone interested, Gayle and Steve are at my place here in Nampa, and headed to Starkey tomarrow...so they are not lost like everyone thought-------------Randy
  11. rolled in at 730pm from Dubois Wy.. left Custer Tues morn with Jim Liston and at the 18, he went east and I went west and south.. great time in billings, fun meeting new people and old.. If you haven't had the pleasure of sharing a cabin with Jimmy1time the gangsta, and Jim Liston the snorer, ya just dont know what you are missing... Thank for a great JOB Jim---------Randy
  12. thats the way I'm headed thru Spearfish on to Custer,, right Jimmy........... Randy
  13. I have a KOA Kabin in Custer,, sunday to tues morn,, then headed to Casper, Jackson Hole, and back to Boise..... ho-ra Randy
  14. hey Blue, good to see ya again and thanx for the invite to your place for coffee... enjoyed it and found Rice with no problems....Sturgis on Mon afternoon was warm and crowded, to bad you couldnt join Jim and me----- Randy.... (((sorry if I hijacked the thread))))
  15. home sweet home,,, pulled in at 930pm after swinging thru Starkey for lunch----all safe,, thanks for a great V2V---..Randy
  16. leaving Prineville and headed home----left Rohnert Park and rode up 1 and 101,, stayed in Crescent City havin fun.... post pics later-----Randy
  17. me and someone else will be there Jim-----R
  18. ride waver---i dont need no stinkin waver---i'm over 50----hahahahahaha ok, i will get one-----R 8)
  19. Leg 11 was from Wells to Reno-----badBill and I rode 2 99 KYSO's down the hiway side by side to Reno.. what fun.. and i got to meet Sue Velez/Shandelyn who led leg 10
  20. 2 large (mens) please---thanx Syd-------R
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