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  1. Know of TWO rooms that will become available at the 2018 MEET Ramada Inn. Posting here before cancelling to give MEET participants a shot at them - If interested contact mikecascone@icloud.com
  2. Beck....gonna be great to see ya. Oh, bring the Padrons leave the Gurkhas home. DirtyMike....ya know I will always call ya that. Gene....if the old fart shoe fits, wear it. :) and, your choice of cigars is very cool w/ me. Daffy......that RV you're coming in has a pisser, yes? And....you have not mentioned brand cigars you will bring.....remember we are gentlemen of the highest caliber and enjoy only the best. Ok, ok.....we'll have a raffle to select the designated gentleman. still working with Frank Coletto - past VMC Prez - to get his ass there. love ya all, see ya soon, kozy
  3. Please excuse this New Jersey kid.......but some background on Anthony Zettel please.thanks.
  4. The "Mac" will be included in numerous eye candy rides in July. Have been promised by reliable sources that it will be completed by then.
  5. Help please. Trying to use any means possible to contact potential "IF NOT NOW WHEN" participants. Searched: Victory Riders Association Victory Owners Group Both led to: TheVog.net Tried several times to register and failed with "error" message. (Remember, not the brightest light on the puter tree) Other than being a dumb ass, anything else I can do? Thanks, Koz
  6. A favor to ask of all current VMC Members and vmc.com active users. There are many "low number" VMC current or past Members who probably don't utilize this site any longer and thus may not be aware of the 2018 National MEET. If anyone out there knows some of these old farts would you please contact them. Or give me contact info. Explain that Kozy is "sub-committee chair officially in charge of getting as many old farts there as possible for a kinda reunion". I have been promised by the event organizer's that the old farts will even have their own space at the MEET. It's not very elaborate, but will satisfy our needs - it's a corner of the parking lot with a cooler(s) of beer. And Michigan is about the closest to our first "Meet In The Middle" in 2002. Think I'll even make up a slogan......lets see.....oh, got it! "Old friends - if not now when?!"
  7. In PeddlerTim's first post in this thread he mentioned the Days Inn as an alternative lodging option - the Ramada and Days Inn are right next to each other, parking lots joined.
  8. Two things about the grate lane....1) just like any other road, head up look forward, and it's fine, really. 2) after ya get used to it, say about at the highest elevation.....look straight down.....now is when ya get the reason for the toll - it's not a bridge, it's an amusement park ride! :) The best photo op is on the north end of the bridge....a state park with bridge history/pix and a great look back at it.
  9. Possibly one of the 2018 Great Lakes National MEET rides may include the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Short history....in a trade settlement Ohio got Toledo (a needed port on Lake Erie) and Michigan got the (copper and timber rich) Upper, which is connected by land to Wisconsin not Michigan The only way to get from Michigan's Lower to the Upper is by boat or the Mackinaw Bridge, a short little span connecting the two land bodies. I'm sure someone could find a picture of it, cute little thing it is. The "Yoopers" relate more to WI than MI, and call all those who live below the bridge "trolls"! Oh...a possible route for those who live (north) west of the Upper? Check out Route 2 East. Starts in WA, runs thru ID, MT, ND, MN, WI then MI. Rt.2 has Lots of dotted lined roads. Near Duluth, MN look left at Lake Superior - and yes It's ok to sing the sound....."Edmond Fitzgerald". Not too far you will see Lake Michigan and the cute little bridge, turn right to go over the bridge. Note: Should your front wheel get wet you missed the turn and ya ran into Lake Huron, turn around. Cross the little bridge southbound - and in about 90 miles friends will be waiting for you in Grayling with a cold one.
  10. Our officers and Region Reps are attending more and more MEETs. Thank you. But as the VMC grows so does the scope/attendance at our functions and it's getting harder each year to visit with everyone. Suggestion for the future.... Add a "Meet your officers and Reps at the MEET" to the program agenda. As simple as a hour casual chat, but live and in color vs. names on a puter screen. At a minimum at least introduce them at the big banquet.
  11. No one - no one - will be disappointed in mid TN riding ops. This has the geographical opportunity to be the biggest and best National MEET ever.
  12. Home last nite, everything went well. Bonus during the National MEET was the weather. Not surprised though, the AVR had EVERYTHING under control. Re weather.... A little disappointed in my ability to gauge weather systems for the ride from NJ to MI. Yes it did rain just about 100% so I was right there! but the severe storms only impacted me about 60% of the time. Will try harder next time. ;)
  13. Working on a Wolverine State Victory Riders group using the Ontario (Sarnia/Buffalo) cut. However past performances of some we may have to skip Canada.........;) Based on this winter the snow should just about be gone by the July MEET :) Always fun in the NE. Koz
  14. certainly pros/cons for set vs. moving date for TheMEET. our Victory Highway Relay (aka,V2V) is date set. AVR is kinda set - but remember Vic Corp can change their date & would we still support a VMC only hosted AVR? (like we did years ago when it started) National MEET - IMO the date should be selected by the Chapter/Region hosting, certainly with an eye on the other VMC national events. those that volunteer to do all the work should drive the bus. host should not have all the responsibility for putting on a good show without the authority to make decisions.
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