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  1. Some names with the faces, that I remember, Seems so long ago... yet yesterday
  2. Top Picture has Luther Hutto, Tony Hamlin, Juli Duckworth, Mark Duckworth, Dave Garrison, Mike Bird, and the Big Guy holding the V2V handle bar is Roadrunner.(cant recall his name) Bottom Picture has Dave Johns, Mike Cascone, Me again, Harry Crawford, and Luther Hutto . Memory ain't what it used to be.
  3. So the host hotel is sold out according to Tara at the hotel.
  4. Sorry to say I won't be making it to the finale... :( Got that thing called work going on.. If yall have as much fun as we did at the first one, it will be a late evening..
  5. One of the two in the 3rd pic is mine. 2001. Still have it, won't part with it, still love it, cant have it, not for sale.... '03 trans, alternator upgrade, moved floorboards, wired bars, road king custom bars, barnett clutch, HD luggage, amp and speakers, Corbin saddle, Hitch Doc hitch, chromed all aluminum, many miles of smiles already and more to follow. Hope to have it about half used up when I die and I'll leave it to my son to enjoy.
  6. Post em if you can find em! 2005 !
  7. Well that sucks the big one! Shakin' my head back and forth with Tom.
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