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  1. Some names with the faces, that I remember, Seems so long ago... yet yesterday
  2. Top Picture has Luther Hutto, Tony Hamlin, Juli Duckworth, Mark Duckworth, Dave Garrison, Mike Bird, and the Big Guy holding the V2V handle bar is Roadrunner.(cant recall his name) Bottom Picture has Dave Johns, Mike Cascone, Me again, Harry Crawford, and Luther Hutto . Memory ain't what it used to be.
  3. So the host hotel is sold out according to Tara at the hotel.
  4. Sorry to say I won't be making it to the finale... :( Got that thing called work going on.. If yall have as much fun as we did at the first one, it will be a late evening..
  5. One of the two in the 3rd pic is mine. 2001. Still have it, won't part with it, still love it, cant have it, not for sale.... '03 trans, alternator upgrade, moved floorboards, wired bars, road king custom bars, barnett clutch, HD luggage, amp and speakers, Corbin saddle, Hitch Doc hitch, chromed all aluminum, many miles of smiles already and more to follow. Hope to have it about half used up when I die and I'll leave it to my son to enjoy.
  6. Post em if you can find em! 2005 !
  7. Well that sucks the big one! Shakin' my head back and forth with Tom.
  8. Anyplace to submit some pics from past v2v's for possible use?? (I got a few??)
  9. jest a thought while I still have the capability, bogus yahoo email account like v2vpics@yahoo.com or something like it for a storage/sorting area? Not sure of the capacity of a free account maybe set up several?? v2v1pics@ , v2v2pics@ ,v2v3pics@... Just thinking of a simple way to data base them in email accounts?? What year was the first v2v?? 2000? sorry bought my bike in 2001 and got on board with all this shortly after... oh yeah.. I'm almost a veg, 39.5 hours of ot last week and no end in sight til friday when I say enough and prepare the bike for vacation starting sunday. I just got informed it's monday, who woulda thunk it? I'm getting to old for this kinda shit.
  10. Spike, your welcome. My creative skills must be inline with yours. Here's one thing I know though, try to keep files organized.(sounds easy enough don't it) Do you have some excerpts/pics from each v2v organized in sub-folders?(I've got some) I'd be willing help in any way I can. There's gotta be tons of pics out there from the past ones to create a year by year journal. This needs to be done. I hear v2v history committee.. I'm working a tonne of OT at the moment. I'll see what I can come up with in some spare time when I can think straight. At the moment I'm dealing with 2@ 2700 pulps cut in half and faulty eq tagging from the CO. :doh :dno
  11. spike160blue Posted 2008-07-03 3:45 PM (#545597) Subject: Victory Highway Relay page Alert Offline Expert 2000 VMC Member, South Central Region VMC Committee Chairperson Charter Member Location: De Soto, KS Hello web team, I don't want you all signing up for more than you can do and get burnt out, but I would love to have a static Victory Highway Relay page where the details can be posted and stay forever. It would start out simple but I would want to add more to it over time - such as a V2V hall of fame page with pictures and maybe a little paragraph for each person that has ridden the whole Victory Highway. Maybe another page where we put pictures of each year's V2V - so you could have a seperate page for each V2V. And maybe another page where it's all focused on just Victory Highway stuff - signs, maps, etc... I guess my first question would be if we have the space to host that and the next question would be if anyone would be interested in creating and maintaining that. I would have to warn them that they would have to put up with all kinds of input from me on it. But the idea would be that they would be fairly static and permanent. Once a page was created, it wouldn't probably be touched again - except for the main Victory Highway Relay page where each year we would update the details for that year. But this way, there could always be an easily accessable place to send people for info - and not just each other, but if we try to publicize it, a place where tv stations and magazines and newspapers could go to get the details - and it would be consistant all over the country, not relying on my version or your version or his version etc... Anyway, think about it and let me know. Thanks ----- Spike :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :tu :inw :inw :inw :inw :inw :inw :inw
  12. Here's some pics from leg 9, thought with all the shutter bugs there would be some posted already.
  13. Hunter FYI, Ya blocked the rooms for the 28th(Saturday), they honored the discount for Sunday any way, thanks. If a gal behind the counter has a name of Allicia she'll be glad to have me leave. Don't put me on hold by laying the phone down for 15 minutes taking care of the counter and then hang up on me......... :ft See ya in St. Louie.
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