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  1. Some names with the faces, that I remember, Seems so long ago... yet yesterday
  2. Top Picture has Luther Hutto, Tony Hamlin, Juli Duckworth, Mark Duckworth, Dave Garrison, Mike Bird, and the Big Guy holding the V2V handle bar is Roadrunner.(cant recall his name) Bottom Picture has Dave Johns, Mike Cascone, Me again, Harry Crawford, and Luther Hutto . Memory ain't what it used to be.
  3. So the host hotel is sold out according to Tara at the hotel.
  4. What Ronnie said. Plus you are describing a maladjusted tps. Some one correct me if I'm mistaken but I'm pretty sure that the adjustment is held in memory within the ecm. (not on the chip being refered to) On to my next thought.. he just paid for a tune up and now it runs like shit... huummm. Sounds an awful lot like somebody had no freaking clue on what they were doing. JMHO.
  5. ?? Did you lose the 14+ volt charge?? That amount sounds right and working.
  6. Got to be somebody closer that can help, Albeit Rylan comes with great creds! Go here and make a post in the wolverine state victory riders forum: http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/forum-view.asp?fid=104 or if you happen to facebook.. go here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/WSVRCP/ These folks would be a better resource for your area for sure. A bit closer to you in Sterling ,Illinois is a great wrench on the vics. Rich Frye at Douglas & Frye Motorsports, the only downsides are they are no longer a victory dealer and again some distance from you. FWIW I'll put Rich up against any tuner on most anything, he's that good. Shout a holler out at one of those suggestions above, great peeps over there, somebody is sure to give you some info.
  7. Relay switching backwards?? New one on me.
  8. Sure sounds like she's sucking air. So carb cleaner on the boots had no effect... Still tripping any codes? Probably by the way it's running, they could be false reads though. Fuel pressure possibly low? Fuel filter? Bad Gas? Injector malfunction? Takes three things to maker it run Fuel Compression Ignition All at the right time.
  9. Sorry to say I won't be making it to the finale... :( Got that thing called work going on.. If yall have as much fun as we did at the first one, it will be a late evening..
  10. Might as well start disconnecting stuff and inspecting connections while you're in there. Just to verify, Fuse stays up until started then blows? If that's the case it's gonna be a ^%&*^&^ to isolate, unless you've got visible, obvious damage to the harness. don't hesitate to tug and pull on the harness. + Be glad the fuse is blowing.. at least for now..
  11. In 15 years... Not asking what oil you use, I really could care less... Use Olive Oil or Baby Oil if it trips your trigger.. Sure would be beneficial for the option of a new poll here for this.. For those of us needing to store our bikes for a few months when do you change it before storage or after pulling it out in the spring? In the past I've changed oil before storage, now I'm hearing from a few that I should change it after. Please tell me why you change it when you do. For those that just haveta know Golden Spectro Semi. Belray for the forks...
  12. Possible tps replacement needed? If it seems to miss at the same rpm range.. I'd go forward with checking all your connections and dielectric greasing them. There's only 2 cylinders one miss and you know it.
  13. It's not the speed sensor. just replaced mine, no miles moving no speedometer moving. Was in the headlight eh? I'd start there with the harness going to the instrument cluster since both items affected are together there. Pinched/ grounded/ connector coming open..
  14. Not to mention that using the kill switch helps keep it clean.
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