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  1. maybe leg 13 , gotta check with the boss. I'm already going to Vegas in September, so........lol
  2. I see the link to register. Is there a link for the hotel? BTW, I did register!!
  3. I'm stoked! The wife said go, have fun. Question for the group, and I'll respect the answer. I have a friend I'd like to join me on the trip, but he rides brand X, and isn't a VMC member. Is there a link I can share so he can see the details to decide if he's coming with me? Thanks
  4. I rode on the first 2, and it would be great to take Blue Thunder on it again. I'll watch for details
  5. Gene, let me know when you plan to do the dry run. I was a co-captain many many years ago, and have been over this leg before. Lobo
  6. it's been a while since the stars aligned. maybe I can make it this year. would be nice.
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