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  1. Some of the shots from Vegas. Had a great time! Sin City chapter truly represents what this club is about. I look forward to riding with you folks again. Lobo
  2. I am psyched up and ready to go! I cannot wait to meet everyone. Everyone be safe getting there. Lobo Mid Atlantic RR
  3. It was great meeting up with you guys, only wish I could have gone all the way. It has been a very long time since I've seen the batton. Brings back good memories. Lobo
  4. I'll be linking up when you guys reach the beltway and 95. I'll have my go pro on the bike with me. I'll get some video, and I can maybe pull pictures from there
  5. Well I'm right off I95 at the top side of 695. I didn't realize you were taking the interstate. How far up I95 are you planning your fuel stop? Get it before you get into NJ. Just did a road trip to LI, and fuel in NJ was high. Also, do not use exit 80. The fuel prices there are too high. There is construction starting north of exit 67 till you pass exit 77, and a speed camera sometimes. I would suggest exit at 67, fuel up and take Rt. 40 east till you cross the Susquehanna river, then take 222 north and get back on I95. just my 2 cents worth as a local.
  6. I would like to catch up with the group for part of the leg. Do you have a list of stops along your route? Thanks. Lobo
  7. What pushstart said, need more details. Did you verify a full 12 volts to the pump when ignition on? Clean ground? Swap the relay?
  8. maybe leg 13 , gotta check with the boss. I'm already going to Vegas in September, so........lol
  9. Home is in Maryland. Unfortunately, my back would not put up with a ride that long. I'm trailering out with my bike, and possibly my buddy's bike. He will fly in for the event. I have the PTO to take the extra days off, but he's a teacher, and it's right at the beginning of the school year.
  10. Guys, I'm so excited for the 2021 rally in Vegas, that I'm gonna bring Blue Thunder into the 21st century. I already have the GoPro mount for the handlebars, but battery life is an issue. I've gotten a 3' cable and a dual USB charge port, along with a phone holder. Right now my thought is to fabricate a mounting bracket that will go onto the windshield mount. If anyone else has done this before, please share what you've done, and any issues you had along the way. See you in Vegas!! Lobo
  11. When was the last time the brake lines were flushed? I just had to replace the rear line on my 99 V92C due to a blockage in the line. The recommended interval is every 2 years to flush the system. I am pretty good about maintaining my bike, and it still happened. Start by bleeding the brakes to see if that improves the situation. If not, check to see if the caliper and pad slides are sticking.
  12. I see the link to register. Is there a link for the hotel? BTW, I did register!!
  13. I'm stoked! The wife said go, have fun. Question for the group, and I'll respect the answer. I have a friend I'd like to join me on the trip, but he rides brand X, and isn't a VMC member. Is there a link I can share so he can see the details to decide if he's coming with me? Thanks
  14. not sure how helpful this is, but how old is the fuel filter? Also, what year bike? you need 3 basic things to start, fuel, air , and spark. If it was running, and slowly lost it, I'd look at fuel first. Some of the older bikes have a schrader that you can connect a pressure gauge to. Let me know if you find any other clues
  15. I rode on the first 2, and it would be great to take Blue Thunder on it again. I'll watch for details
  16. Gene, let me know when you plan to do the dry run. I was a co-captain many many years ago, and have been over this leg before. Lobo
  17. it's been a while since the stars aligned. maybe I can make it this year. would be nice.
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