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  1. Cannot imagine being treated that way at CB, glad pizza hut came through for you.
  2. Congrats to all the participants and especially Dave, Kat, and Jason!
  3. Fantastic thanks for sharing, any breakdown of the models see plenty of Vision's and Cross Country's what else? - Gene
  4. Nice looking group, recognize a few, everybody looks Happy on yet another V2V.
  5. Back home in Virginia I’d like to Thank Vivian for letting me lead Legs 2 and 3. And I’d like to Thank all the riders for making this such a nice ride it was fun for me because we had such a nice group. Fred it was nice seeing you again, it’s been too long, hope to see more of you in the future Thanks for getting the group to Frederick. Jason and Kay nice having such a fun couple on the ride. Dave you are an interesting person enjoyed your stories, your excellent maneuvering of the Vision with trailer but next time put some beer in it -lol. Jeff so nice to meet you and loved your V92, maybe we’ll get together for some rides in Virginia, Tim(Ichi) great seeing you again and amazed at you enjoying that Hammer on the ride, great talking with you about old times and the VMC, Kevin glad you were able to join us and so nice to see your traveling companion again, Jeffery hope you had a good time and if you guys get something going in Ohio this year hope I get an invite. Lastly nice to see Wayne Sr bummed I did not get to see Jr but enjoyed talking with his brother Doug, another tall drink of water with a matching Cross Country. Brian and John nice seeing you again maybe some year you’ll join me on the 2 legs I do. Jeff Superman hope your ride went off well today, nice meeting you. As always the V2V is a great event and I’m honored to be a part of it. - Gene, still Charter member #166
  6. Leg 3 is in the book, good ride, 3 cross county’s, 2 vision’s,1 hammer. No problems, I near miss when a lady pullled out in front of us the XCT brakes worked well and the 2 second gap between bikes served us well. Good lunch a Mr Lee’s in Cambridge. It was my honor to serve as Leg Captain. - Gene
  7. Good ride yesterday after we got out of the wet stuff, good lunch, nice visit to Flight 93, and the two toll houses
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