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  1. Thanks Chuck, so when it came time to decide on the event there was only one proposal to consider and no vote was needed. - Gene
  2. Chuck since they want to attack the entire club with this narrative I think it is time that the club knows the truth. The picture they are painting is lop sided and does not tell the whole story. Why are you and/or other members of the events committee silent? Time to speak up. I'll even provide you with the one sentence email when I reached out to them to help and in return got attacked. Gene
  3. Actually there is always a vote of all members of the event committee, majority prevails. I think the real problem, which Chuck and others disagree with, is there needs to be some criteria that everyone understands on all sides. The idea that previous samples/examples provides a roadmap doesn't work for me, Thankfully I'm no longer on the committee.
  4. We cannot keep hashing this out over and over again. And I can't help but think it is playing a part in the current election. "Until the deciding members of the board realize that their way is not the only way, I doubt it will be possible for an average LC to gain the event committees approval to hold such an event." I'm not sure what you mean by "the deciding members of the board" the decision is the Events Committee, not the BOD. Personally I think for the 20TH we ought to have membership input and maybe a runoff of the top proposals but at the rate we are going we won't have any. - Gene
  5. The President does not matter, what always matter is a group, some members, or an LC coming forward with a proposal to host a meet.
  6. Thanks, glad it is finally posted here for those that don't follow FB Group. - Gene
  7. The ride should start on Monday 6/22 in or near San Francisco and end 7/4 on the East Coast, near Staten Island. As I said I'm not the chairman but it should be close to what is below, the Chairman and leg Captains may tailor it somewhat. I know Staten Island is a problem so we started in NJ, I went over before the ride started and came back across the Victory bridge got some seashore, pics of the Bridge, and also the Totten to Perth Amboy ferry which was used before the bridge was built. I also know that San Francisco has become a problem with traffic and hotels. Please contact Chuck Miller is you are interested in being a Leg Captain, not sure about the Chairman. I'll help but cannot be involved in 2020 ride. - Gene
  8. The dates should be the same every year it is just the direction, 2020 goes West to East. I'm not the chairman for 2020 so if it follows tradition it will have 13 legs ending on July 4th on the east coast. - Gene
  9. Very cool, I wonder if could get a translation of the article posted here.
  10. Back on subject It looks like it will be a great event assuming you like riding on great roads and scenery. - Gene
  11. I agree it's an issue but it cannot be solved by the BOD or Events Committee. We need to get some members/LCs willing to step forward to host a National Meet, how about Ozarks? - Gene
  12. I know the area well, great location. Great roads over in Virginia as well. - Gene
  13. Candi all you need to do is post a link to this thread on VMOG. Just trying to help - Gene
  14. No they should be posting a link on FB to a thread here on the VMC, just like I did for V2V and my participation in GL Regional event. - Gene
  15. Sure hope there is a thread for posting pictures, comments each day of the event so that club members who could not make it can see all the fun fellow members are having. - Gene
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