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  1. Cannot imagine being treated that way at CB, glad pizza hut came through for you.
  2. Congrats to all the participants and especially Dave, Kat, and Jason!
  3. Fantastic thanks for sharing, any breakdown of the models see plenty of Vision's and Cross Country's what else? - Gene
  4. Nice looking group, recognize a few, everybody looks Happy on yet another V2V.
  5. Back home in Virginia I’d like to Thank Vivian for letting me lead Legs 2 and 3. And I’d like to Thank all the riders for making this such a nice ride it was fun for me because we had such a nice group. Fred it was nice seeing you again, it’s been too long, hope to see more of you in the future Thanks for getting the group to Frederick. Jason and Kay nice having such a fun couple on the ride. Dave you are an interesting person enjoyed your stories, your excellent maneuvering of the Vision with trailer but next time put some beer in it -lol. Jeff so nice to meet you and loved your V92, maybe we’ll get together for some rides in Virginia, Tim(Ichi) great seeing you again and amazed at you enjoying that Hammer on the ride, great talking with you about old times and the VMC, Kevin glad you were able to join us and so nice to see your traveling companion again, Jeffery hope you had a good time and if you guys get something going in Ohio this year hope I get an invite. Lastly nice to see Wayne Sr bummed I did not get to see Jr but enjoyed talking with his brother Doug, another tall drink of water with a matching Cross Country. Brian and John nice seeing you again maybe some year you’ll join me on the 2 legs I do. Jeff Superman hope your ride went off well today, nice meeting you. As always the V2V is a great event and I’m honored to be a part of it. - Gene, still Charter member #166
  6. Leg 3 is in the book, good ride, 3 cross county’s, 2 vision’s,1 hammer. No problems, I near miss when a lady pullled out in front of us the XCT brakes worked well and the 2 second gap between bikes served us well. Good lunch a Mr Lee’s in Cambridge. It was my honor to serve as Leg Captain. - Gene
  7. Good ride yesterday after we got out of the wet stuff, good lunch, nice visit to Flight 93, and the two toll houses
  8. Welcome to Leg 3 of 2022 Annual V2V. My name is Gene Hunt and I'm honored to be your leg captain for this leg. We will depart the Hotel at 8AM and follow the Old National Road/Victory Highway to Pickerington, Ohio. Our first point of interest will be the Searights Toll House https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Searights_Tollhouse%2C_National_Road Our next point of interest along the route will be a stop at Wheeling Park to visit one of the Madonna of the Trail monuments, one of a series of 12 monuments dedicated to the spirit of pioneer women in the United States. The monuments were commissioned by the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. They were installed in each of the 12 states along the National Old Trails Road, which extended from Cumberland, Maryland, to Upland, California. We will actually pass one as we go by Nemacolin Golf Course but there is not a good place to pullover. After a brief visit we’ll continue on the National Road/Victory Highway, jogging onto I-70 for a brief 21 miles, then back onto the Old National Road/Victory Highway to our next stop at the Salt Fork “S” bridge, hen a gas stop before continuing to lunch at Mr. Lees Mr. Lee's Restaurant (mrleesrestaurant.com) in Cambridge. After lunch we will stop at another S bridge near New Concord, Ohio at Fox Run. We’ll continue on National Road/Victory Highway and cross over one leg of the “Y” bridge, then go up the hill to Putnam Hill Park which provides a nice overlook/photo op of the bridge and rivers below. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/zanesville-ybridge After a brief visit at the park we will continue on the National Road/Victory Highway and follow it to our final stop for this leg, the Holiday Inn Express. Reynoldsburg There is a TGI Fridays walking distance from the hotel as well as other options. I hope to get us there in time to make a visit to the AMA Hall of Fame Museum americanmotorcyclist.com if anyone is interested.
  9. Welcome to Leg 2 of the 2022 V2V. My name is Gene Hunt and I'm honored to be your leg captain for this leg. We will depart the Hotel at 8AM and backtrack to the Old National Road/Victory Highway which is the road we will follow to Uniontown. Please ensure you have a full tank of gas. This ride is very scenic going through mountains of Western MD as well as Southern PA. It is also full of things to see. We will stop for gas in LaVale MD, a Sheetz, ~100 miles from hotel in Frederick. We will stop for an early lunch at Sand Springs Saloon & Steakhouse | FROSTBURG, MD | Sand Springs Saloon & Steakhouse | HOME there is outside place for us so that our four legged friend can join us. I have planned a side trip, up to Flight 93 Memorial, it will be a brief visit of ~45 mins at the site We will also stop a 2 Tollhouses that are still standing the first one in LaVale, MD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Vale_Tollgate_House and the second one in Addison, Pa. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petersburg_Tollhouse We will also ride by one in Hancock MD, but there isn’t a safe place to stop. The mile markers are still on the route so look for them on the right hand side of the road. They will change along this section of the road, they will start out looking like headstones until Cumberland, MD, marking the distance back to Baltimore. After Cumberland they look more like the National Monument in DC, they are made of steel but painted white so they look like concrete. On one side they mark the distance to Cumberland, MD and the other side they mark the distance to Wheeling, WV. We will also stop at the Casselman Bridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casselman_Bridge which is historically significant and on the National Historic Register. We will end our ride for the day at the Holiday Inn Express in Uniontown, there is an Applee’s walking distance(.3 mile) from hotel for dinner. - Gene
  10. Thanks Chuck, so when it came time to decide on the event there was only one proposal to consider and no vote was needed. - Gene
  11. Chuck since they want to attack the entire club with this narrative I think it is time that the club knows the truth. The picture they are painting is lop sided and does not tell the whole story. Why are you and/or other members of the events committee silent? Time to speak up. I'll even provide you with the one sentence email when I reached out to them to help and in return got attacked. Gene
  12. Actually there is always a vote of all members of the event committee, majority prevails. I think the real problem, which Chuck and others disagree with, is there needs to be some criteria that everyone understands on all sides. The idea that previous samples/examples provides a roadmap doesn't work for me, Thankfully I'm no longer on the committee.
  13. We cannot keep hashing this out over and over again. And I can't help but think it is playing a part in the current election. "Until the deciding members of the board realize that their way is not the only way, I doubt it will be possible for an average LC to gain the event committees approval to hold such an event." I'm not sure what you mean by "the deciding members of the board" the decision is the Events Committee, not the BOD. Personally I think for the 20TH we ought to have membership input and maybe a runoff of the top proposals but at the rate we are going we won't have any. - Gene
  14. The President does not matter, what always matter is a group, some members, or an LC coming forward with a proposal to host a meet.
  15. Thanks, glad it is finally posted here for those that don't follow FB Group. - Gene
  16. The ride should start on Monday 6/22 in or near San Francisco and end 7/4 on the East Coast, near Staten Island. As I said I'm not the chairman but it should be close to what is below, the Chairman and leg Captains may tailor it somewhat. I know Staten Island is a problem so we started in NJ, I went over before the ride started and came back across the Victory bridge got some seashore, pics of the Bridge, and also the Totten to Perth Amboy ferry which was used before the bridge was built. I also know that San Francisco has become a problem with traffic and hotels. Please contact Chuck Miller is you are interested in being a Leg Captain, not sure about the Chairman. I'll help but cannot be involved in 2020 ride. - Gene
  17. The dates should be the same every year it is just the direction, 2020 goes West to East. I'm not the chairman for 2020 so if it follows tradition it will have 13 legs ending on July 4th on the east coast. - Gene
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