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  1. If you are planning to ride this leg please make your reservation and post your intention here. Thanks - Gene
  2. The hotel for 7/1 is Park Inn bt Raddison 700 West Main Street Uniontown, PA 15401 Phone 724-437-2816 Thiis was the Holiday Inn which we have stayed at before, some major renovations have been done by new owners. We have a room block of 3 King rooms at $95, 7 Doubles at $87 for Victory Motorcycle Club. There is Restuarant/Bar on site. We will depart on 7/2 at 8AM, please have full tank. our route will be the Natonal Road (Vuctory Hghway) to Frederick, with jog up to Flight 93 Memorial, to end at Red Horse Comfort Inn. If you have any questions post them here or send me a PM. - Gene
  3. Ditto I sent a personal email to him, the BOD, and Events Chair. Completely unexpected and much appreciated. And I'm so glad this tradition of the V2V has continued. - Gene
  4. Okay back to the post that started this which was posting this ride on FB making it known to the general public. I never intended my coments to indicate discrimnation of any kind, those conlcusions came about by others. I probably confused it by teh discussion on VMC membership, but all I was trying to point out is this has the potential of inviting general public. Based on my knowledge of other events that have been hijacked and/or had unintended consequences I do no think it is a good idea. Are we also going to post stops and hotel info out to the public? - Gene
  5. Okay I'm done. I'm so confused we have LCs that do not share their activities in their own region let alone the rest of the club. Then the one event we have that I think it would be great for VMC members to participate in turns out to be something that the majority, or at least those that are posting here think should be open to the general public. P.S. Thanks for checking out the name of the guy who posted on https://www.facebook.com/TheVOG.net he is not a current member since 2013, guess he is still interested in this event. - Gene
  6. 1. So you assume all the people that might show up are folks we would want in the club? Or people we know? 2. Is this person even riding a Victory? 3. I hate saying anything negative here on the forum, I'm all about having a friend join on the ride, especially if they are on a Victory or thinking seriously about buying one. But I'm not exactly sure how you would limit it unless you have very specific guidance. Otherwise who knows who will show up. 4. Are they guests of the VMC for the purpose of getting discounts on hotels and what about VMC funds used for the event along the way? 5. I hope someone from the EC or BOD responds to this, with whatever the official guidance is, dang if I could find it. Last 2 years it was not an issue on the legs I participated in, it was small and all were members. - Gene
  7. Yes I think you right, just one more reason not to pay dues anymore to be a member, just show up at VMC events I want to attend, don't volunteer for any club duties, etc..., - back at you. - Gene
  8. Well I will certainly stand by and see what the answer is, but opening this up to the public means that we lose control of who is participating and that is not something we should do. It's one thing to have a friend participate in a regional event in the hope that he might get a Victory and join the club, but letting anyone/everyone participate in the V2V not a god idea in IMHO. - Gene
  9. I do not think we want this posted in the open, not sure we want this expanded beyond the VMC and I think there would be danger in doing that if it was posted there. This ride is open to VMC members, is this person from PA a VMC member?. I'm not well versed in FB but I believe that group is part of the VOG? - Gene
  10. My bad I thought it was you Arnold that posted you wouldn't mind if it ended on 7/3, I see now it was someone with a different screen name that at a glance looked like you and I got confused. It seems that any change is making things harder. I'm okay with it reverting back to 14 legs but I will only take the legs from Uniontown to Frederick and Fredrick to Stroudsburg both are very short rides and I can handle 2 days of that but I’m not sure I can handle 3, especially using another day of vacation since I would have to ride out on Thusday. Vohn looking at the membership map we have a lot of members near the route from Plainfield to Hebron/Zanesville but not a lot from there going east, but it is only 150-175 miles so maybe the guys from Ohio would be willing to take the leg. If I have to do it to save the ride I will just let me know. I’d like to resolve this by the weekend so I can get on with hotels and posting information. Thanks - Gene
  11. Vohn, It was my understanding that that the leg captain for the last leg was okay with the change. If the route changes I suggested do not work for the leg captains and those that are participating, I'm okay with changing it back to the same number of legs 14. I think those discusssions ought to be among people who are participating - Leg Captains or riders. If we do revert back to 14 legs. I will onlly be able to take legs 12 and 13. If we have a Leg captain for leg 10 thay can decide where it ends. We wiil need a leg captain for leg 11 from Hebron/Zanesville to Uniontown. I would be leg captain for the next 2 legs, Leg 12 would still end in Frederick and Leg 13 would end in Stroudsburg. Hotel changes is likely to cause rate change in Frederick since that would now be a Saturday. Not sure about Uniontown on Friday, the Holiday Inn is my prefrred hotel at that location and where we have stayed before. The only comment I have about T-shirts is I cannot carry 50 t-shirts on my Kingpin, last year if I had not had help from Rob and John(both riding XCs) we would have had to fedex some of them to somewhere else on the route. The spot is cool BTW and no problem carrying that. As for Pins the vendor I have dealt with for years only needs 3 weeks, if we had a headcount/sign up sheet you could easily get them made up in time. 50 pins typcially could be done at $3.90 each, 100 pins less, Still looking forward to participating in this ride and doing what I can to make it a success. - Gene
  12. The good news is in Frederick we have an $85 rate in Frederick at the Red Horse Comfort Inn, right on the Old National Road(Victory Highway) with a nice steak house next door, as well as other food choices within walking distance. I have a room block of 10 rooms. Once the legs are setup in the forum I'll post info to make reservations. I've also gone back to hotel in Zanesville to let them know the rate the Baymont is offering, we'll see if that helps. Regards - Gene
  13. Well, I know many do not like to see changes but I cannot help but suggest we do ride pins instead of T-shirts, less cost, much easier logistics. And I do realize the value of advertsiing the ride along the way, perhaps a flag or two might suffice, I'd be glad to mount one on my KP, just a suggestion. Gene
  14. Think I have the hotels selected talked to them this AM, so once we get the legs setup I will post info. Assume XC Bubba will take care of Hotel in Stroudsburg?- Gene
  15. I will work on hotels for Zanesville and Frederick tomorrow. - Gene
  16. I made a committment and I'll do what I said just like I did last year, if the minor route change I made is not acceptable I just need to know, then maybe I'll see what I can commit to from Uniontown, PA. If I have to ride by myself from Zanesville to Stroudsburg I will. What I won't do is end up near Baltimore for the night, before heading to Stroudsburg, PA. - Gene
  17. Well there was nothing happening with this and now there is, sorry for introducing new ideas, last year was almost a failure, I know because I participated. Should we delete the thread I started under The Victory Motorcycles Forum? We'll see how this goes when people sign-up to take the legs. As to participation, I did not realize that did not matter, I thought it was a great event to get more members involved, especially when I see how many members are within riding distance of the route. I'll be quiet now. But I did suggest changes that will make the ride better IMHO from Ohio to Stroudsburg and agreed to take those sections. Those changes are Plainfield, IN to Zanesville, OH instead of Hebron, a change of 28 miles but it provides more lodging and food choices. I then proposed that the next leg go to Frederick, Md instaed of Uniontown, PA a distance of 300 miles again better lodging/food choices and also allows us to ride to Ellicott City then head north allowing us to ride the correct route and avoid Baltimore on the next leg up to Stroudsburg to arrive on July 3rd. If this change is not acceptable please let me know and I'll consider how I can participate. Thanks - Gene
  18. Star with side cover leave them off completely and see if the fuse blows. Those covers were always an issue. - Gene
  19. I'm of the opinion the problem is related to the TPS. I would find a dealer that knows what they are doing and ask them to check that. The baffles affect back pressure and that you will notice on decel not the stumble you seem to be describing. As others have said your bike should be tuneable with equipment an authorized Victory dealer has so I'd look for another dealer.- Gene
  20. Rob Thanks for that you did for the club, we'll miss you for sure. Better tire mileage, worse gas mileage, better comfort in all sort of weather conditions, and you can actually hear the stereo without annoying anyone around you, congrats on your new ride be careful with that color though. - Gene
  21. Thanks I'm solo and I'm okay with that. Will post some details in Leg 2 thread. I've already coordinated with Leg 3. - Gene
  22. I will try and be at the Hotel by 4PM for the handoff, would be good if we exchanged cell numbers just in case. - Gene
  23. I have been doing research and cannot find any info on the Victory Highway route from Stroudsburg,PA south to NJ. I intend to follow the route that was followed after the late 20s, namely the National Road, US40, once I get down to NJ and ending leg 2 at Catonsville, MD. Any help from others would be appreciated. Thanks - Gene
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