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  1. After lunch we had one bike develop a flat, we plugged it and I had a compressor to fill tire up enugh to get to nearest gas station, we filled it up there, and took off again but the plug did not hold. You can see the back and forth we did on the spot track. Anyway now getting ready for dinner, inside out of the heat.
  2. I’m officially checked-in was efficient and pleasant experience Thanks. - Gene
  3. I’m officially checked-in was efficient and pleasant experience Thanks. - Gene
  4. Arrived at 1pm, no one around at host hotel so got gas and checked into my hotel down the street. It was a good ride over and temps were fine except for last hour, mostly because of traffic and not moving while pumping gas, unloading. For sure I’ll leave early Sunday to get home
  5. This is the bridge over Lost River. The road is Rt. 48 nickname is corridor H as it is eventually supposed to connect I-81 with I-79, it was a pet project of Senetor Byrd. It currently ends in Davis. It is a good alternative to US50 which is not being maintained as well as it should
  6. THis is the first set of mountains as you go west from my home in Chantilly near Front Royal
  7. Here is where I will post pictures, comments for my participation in this event. I leave tomorrow morning at 6AM, members can track my route over to the event, the riding on Saturday, and my trip home here https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0LxRmMst5ZNk1Ep4qvOtUn1s3hlz6G2bn For those that cannot attend hope yo get some enjoyment out of this. The XCT is ready, I was going to take the SC in the back of the F150 because of the heat but decided I’ll just leave early and get there before it gets too hot. - Gene
  8. And it was visible to those coming from FB VMOG for both this forum and the SPOT track. I posted both links on FB VMOG. - Gene
  9. The sub-forum we created for the V2V so members could follow the ride seemed to work pretty well and continues to get views and likes. I realize the V2V is a little bit different than the National but it sure would be nice to see some pictures, comments each day of the National posted here in a forum just for that purpose, not only for Historical Purposes but also for those of us that cannot attend. - Gene
  10. I just heard from Rose and I'm happy to report this 20th running of the V2V has arrived at the end. I want to congratulate all that participated, and say Thanks to the leadership of the Leg Captains, and a big thanks to those who followed us along this years ride in this forum and the spot track. It is historic and I hope the certificates end up in a nice frame and on a wall somewhere, mine will be in my garage. - Gene
  11. Good stuff Thanks for sharing with the rest of the VMC family. So Happy everyone seems to be having a good time on this years V2V, our 20th! - Gene
  12. Looks like they had to put some fresh batteries in the spot, good job Rose! - Gene
  13. Great Job! and it looks like people are still enjoying the ride. - Gene
  14. And Slots too! Great sharing this with us who could not make the whole ride or the ride at all. Thanks. - Gene
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