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  1. There is rubber gasket on the throttle body that can cause blockage my 01' Sportcruiser had blockage causing it to flood and not start, not sure if that is it but worth looking at. - Gene
  2. Can you also please post this in Thanks - Gene
  3. And steering head bearings, that is my guess. - Gene
  4. Very beautiful Thanks for sharing, bummed I'm not still on the ride. - Gene
  5. Thanks for the feedback. The Leg Captains are great they are part of the secret sauce that makes this a great event. - Gene
  6. Very nice! A great way to mark the event, Leg Captains need to remember to keep accurate track of any changes to the roster as well. Thanks for sharing. - Gene
  7. Love it Thanks! Glad to see Patti and Tom are still o the ride. - Gene
  8. Thanks for the pics. Glad you survived 107 temp, that is hot on an XC with lowers. The reward is those mountains you are headed to today. Leg Captains are doing a great job! - Gene
  9. Welcome from Chantilly, VA I'm glad you are here. I assume you use Chesapeake Cycles for service? Any chance you'll be at the Barbara Fritchie classic on 7/4? https://www.visitfrederick.org/event/the-barbara-fritchie-classic/7205/ I'll be there on my Sportcruiser, my Cross Country needs a break, maybe I'll see you there. - Gene
  10. Looks like they made it to the hotel in Fort Morgan. - Gene
  11. Awesome, hope everyone is staying hydrated today. - Gene
  12. Testing, thread it was locked I have unlocked it. Strange. - Gene
  13. Cool and tell them to switch to satellite view and see the terrain over next legs in the mountains
  14. Check sent, hotel reservation made, might bring the Sportcruiser. We'll arrive late Friday and do the ride Saturday, dinner etc.. Looking forward to it. - Gene
  15. Here is the info on those statues, the one in PA we drove by without stopping as there is not a good place to pull off with 5 or more motorcycles https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madonna_of_the_Trail
  16. Great Pictures and information. Thanks for sharing. - Gene
  17. You need to contact Lowell I'm no longer on the ride or send me your number and I'll text it to him. Gene
  18. Great Pictures! Thanks for sharing, there are many watching this sub forum who could not be on the ride.
  19. Looks like Leg 5 started on schedule, looking at the spot. They are headed to Collinsville, IL(St. Louis Area). Wishing them a great ride today. - Gene
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