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  1. Dinner end of Leg 0 Tom and Patti Wise on the left, Lowell and Vivian Johnson on the right, good food, adult beverages and V2V stories.
  2. The jar is ready for the trip filled with sand and shells from east coast. It will then get filled with seashore on the West Coast. This special jar will be saved and live in the backpack with the baton. Gene
  3. Here is a picture of Victory Bridge coming from NY to NJ. And the Ferry terminal in Perth which was used before bridge was built.
  4. This is the thread we will use to post messages and pictures as the ride progresses across the country on the Victory Highway. Use this link to follow the spot track https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0Rk5SiN065y59nGqWDUoWkCPmKMOsz7aJ Leg 0 , getting the baton up to the start of the ride, starts tomorrow morning, 6/21. The ride begins 8AM on 6/22. - Gene
  5. Mike if the group wants to go to Flight 93 we will be there around before lunch I hope. You can follow our track on spot which will be live starting with Leg 0 tomorrow when I head up to the start of leg 1. You can text me also 703-626-6830. If we are ahead on schedule we'll do the memorial then lunch at a great place the Hen House https://www.henhouserestaurant.com/ which is right on US40/Victory Highway if we are running late we may eat at the Lincoln Café. My guess on the gorge would be between 3 and 4. - Gene
  6. Don Wood has them https://www.victoryparts.net/oemparts/a/vic/503f4f17f8700222b8491e22/body-windshield-all-options#
  7. An SC? I don't think so, I have an 01' SC, must be for a CC. - Gene
  8. I think I have some I'll take a picture and see if this is correct. I had bought them thinking I might be able to use the clear defectors as those on my KP we pretty scratched up. Pictures added. - Gene
  9. Too late for shirts but You can participate, see change in hotel for start of the ride in the leg 1 forum. And send me the info for each rider, name, VMC member number if they are a member make/model of the bike, email, phone number. Send to twolanefun@outlook.com. - Gene
  10. I had a 25K service done on my XCT today and confirmed that the plug/harness that you will plug into is on every Cross Country so you'll just have to find the existing plug/harness that is there on the bike, on mine it comes from behind the inner fairing to the frame under the front of the tank with a rubber strap holding it in place and it may also have a wire tie. - Gene
  11. Contact Lowell Johnson, see the thread established for this thread, you are too late for a T-shirt order has been placed.
  12. I'm not sure what you are asking but on my XCT the plug in lower left accommodates an iPhone or Ipod and ties into a plug coming form the radio from inside the dash. I'd take off the inner fairing and see if you can find the plug. - Gene
  13. Leg captain is Rose Mandile, contact her to coordinate, I would consider riding over and riding leg 13 with the rest of the group. - Gene
  14. I changed the start of this Leg. I did a dry run up to Staten Island over the weekend, riding up on Saturday and then following the route I had pieced together from historical records and a 1925 map back down to Frederick on Sunday, did not get too wet. I had the Baton with me and got the sand from Wolfs Pond Beach to put in the jar, not a lot of shells and the sand isn't very sandy but I got it. I also took Pictures of the Victory Bridge stopping on NJ side and made a stop at the Historical Ferry Slip that was used before the bridge. https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0LxRmMst5ZNk1Ep4qvOtUn1s3hlz6G2bn As for the Hotel and Location - Terrible. I had picked this since I felt it being the 20th it was good to go back to where it all started back in the day. I picked this Comfort Inn because at the time I was looking there was an Italian restaurant next door in the HI, not anymore it is now a HI Express. There is a place .7 miles away http://www.westshoreinn.com/ food was not that great but the prices were too special. Parking at the Hotel is awful. Staten Island is a compact and crowded place and many one way roads, while I had a good route selected and navigated it without too much trouble I just decided it's not worth it. So I have moved the location, I placed calls last night but was only partially successful. The new location is a great location 2 miles off our route as we follow Bordentown Ave, which is the original Victory Highway, in East Brunswick NJ. The info is at the top of this forum. It is a Comfort Suites and a fantastic local restaurant across the street. When I stopped to talk to the manager on duty he informed me that I could get a better rate using the rate we have at Corporate. So I checked that out and he was right when I talked to the Hotel GM today the best rate he could do is $103 and I had to guarantee all 10 rooms with my credit card. The rate I got at corporate 800 number using our code is $90 for a king Suite. The route from the hotel to Lunch at the Nauti Goose http://www.nautigoose.net/home After lunch we will continue on Victory Highway/National Road with perhaps a stop at Fort McHenry, we'll decide at lunch, then onto route around Baltimore to exit on old national road through Ellicott City and follow that to Frederick stopping at the Jug Bridge Memorial just before arriving at our hotel in Frederick. - Gene
  15. Yes the hotels for each leg are posted in the leg sub-forum/thread there is one for each leg and your leg captain adds other information about the ride there as well. That is leg 5 which is here: https://thevmc.com/forum/index.php?/topic/128911-2019-20th-annual-v2v-leg-5-plainfield-in-indianapolis-to-collinsville-il-st-louis-mo-–-wednesday-june-26-2019/ - Gene
  16. Based on the weather I'm going to delay the dry run I scheduled for this weekend until next weekend. - Gene
  17. I'm thinking you could meet us at the old ferry terminal at Perth Amboy where the Totten Ferry came in as that was the route back in the day. I'll know more after this weekend. - Gene
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