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  1. I changed the start of this Leg.

    I did a dry run up to Staten Island over the weekend, riding up on Saturday and then following the route I had pieced together from historical records and a 1925 map back down to Frederick on Sunday, did not get too wet. I had the Baton with me and got the sand from Wolfs Pond Beach to put in the jar, not a lot of shells and the sand isn't very sandy but I got it. I also took Pictures of the Victory Bridge stopping on NJ side and made a stop at the Historical Ferry Slip that was used before the bridge. https://share.findmespot.com/shared/faces/viewspots.jsp?glId=0LxRmMst5ZNk1Ep4qvOtUn1s3hlz6G2bn

    As for the Hotel and Location - Terrible. I had picked this since I felt it being the 20th it was good to go back to where it all started back in the day. I picked this Comfort Inn because at the time I was looking there was an Italian restaurant next door in the HI, not anymore it is now a HI Express. There is a place .7 miles away http://www.westshoreinn.com/ food was not that great but the prices were too special. Parking at the Hotel is awful. Staten Island is a compact and crowded place and many one way roads, while I had a good route selected and navigated it without too much trouble I just decided it's not worth it. So I have moved the location, I placed calls last night but was only partially successful. 

    The new location is a great location 2 miles off our route as we follow Bordentown Ave, which is the original Victory Highway, in East Brunswick NJ. The info is at the top of this forum. It is a Comfort Suites and a fantastic local restaurant across the street. When I stopped to talk to the manager on duty he informed me that I could get a better rate using the rate we have at Corporate. So I checked that out and he was right when I talked to the Hotel GM today the best rate he could do is $103 and I had to guarantee all 10 rooms with my credit card. The rate I got at corporate 800 number using our code is $90 for a king Suite. 

    The route from the hotel to Lunch at the Nauti Goose 


    After lunch we will continue on Victory Highway/National Road with perhaps a stop at Fort McHenry, we'll decide at lunch, then onto route around Baltimore to exit on old national road through Ellicott City and follow that to Frederick stopping at the Jug Bridge Memorial just before arriving at our hotel in Frederick.

    - Gene

  2. Yes the hotels for each leg are posted in the leg sub-forum/thread there is one for each leg and your leg captain adds other information about  the ride there as well. That is leg 5 which is here:


    - Gene

  3. I plan to go to Staten Island on a Saturday and ride back on a Sunday sometime this month. Going up I'll take a route that gets me there without getting on NJ Turnpike, maybe take the Lewes Ferry then Garden State Pkwy. I have the route from old records if you are interested in joining me let me know. If you want to dialog on the route I'd prefer to do that via email mmy email is twolanefun@outlook.com. - Gene

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  4. Bump, reminder to all

    "So why am I writing a post to all of you folks.  Well, I would really like to be able to announce the location for the 2020 National Meet at the 2019 National Meet as it is supposed to be done.  In order for that to happen, the Events Committee needs to have proposals submitted to them to review in order for a Chapter to be considered as host for the National Meet.  I would like for anyone who might be interested in taking that on to get in touch with me, or anyone else on the Events Committee."

    - Gene

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  5. Welcome to Leg 2 of the 2019 20th Annual V2V. I'm honored to be your leg captain for this leg. 

    We will depart the Hotel at 8AM and backtrack to the Old National Road/Victory Highway which is the road we will follow to Uniontown. This ride is very scenic going through mountains of Western MD as well as Southern PA. It is also full of things to see. 

    I have planned several side trips, up to Flight 93 Memorial and another surprise with an awesome overlook of a gorge with a river at the bottom, they talk about the Grand Canyon of the East up by Wellsboro PA, well this is just as impressive, actually better IMHO.

    We will also stop a 2 Tollhouses that are still standing the first one in LaVale, MD https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/La_Vale_Tollgate_House and the second one in Addison, Pa. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petersburg_Tollhouse We will also ride by one in Hancock MD, but there isn’t a safe place to stop.

    The mile markers also change along this section of the road, they will start out looking like headstones until Cumberland, MD, marking the distance back to Baltimore. But after Cumberland they look more like the National Monument in DC, they are made of steel but painted white so they look like concrete. On one side they mark the distance to Cumberland, MD and the other side they mark the distance to Wheeling, WV.

    We will also stop at the Casselman Bridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Casselman_Bridge which is historically significant and on the National Historic Register

    We will end our ride for the day at the Comfort Suites with good food choices nearby for dinner.

     - Gene

  6. Welcome to Leg 3 of the 2019, 20th Annual V2V. I'm honored to be your leg captain for this leg.

    We will depart the Hotel at 8AM and follow the Old National Road/Victory Highway to Pickerington, Ohio. Although we may make a diversion to experience some of the great roads in SE Ohio. 

    Our first point of interest will be the Searights Toll House https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Searights_Tollhouse%2C_National_Road

    Our next point of interest along the route will be a stop at Wheeling Park to visit one of the Madonna of the Trail monuments, one of a series of 12 monuments dedicated to the spirit of pioneer women in the United States. The monuments were commissioned by the National Society of Daughters of the American Revolution. They were installed in each of the 12 states along the National Old Trails Road, which extended from Cumberland, Maryland, to Upland, California. We will actually pass one as we go by Nemacolin Golf Course but there is not a good place to pullover

    After a brief visit we’ll continue on the National Road/Victory Highway, jogging onto I-70 for a brief 21 miles, then back onto the Old National Road/Victory Highway to our next will stop at the “S” bridge near New Concord, Ohio at Fox Run.

    We’ll continue on National Road/Victory Highway and cross over one leg of the “Y” bridge, then go up the hill to Putnam Hill Park which provides a nice overlook/photo op of the bridge and rivers below. http://www.atlasobscura.com/places/zanesville-ybridge

    After a brief visit at the park we will take a diversion loop to enjoy some nice roads of SE Ohio before re-joining National Road/Victory Highway and follow it to our final stop for this leg, the Comfort Inn in Pickerington, Oh.

    I hope to get us there in time to make a visit to the AMA Hall of Fame Museum americanmotorcyclist.com

    - Gene

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