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  1. Ya , I remember the Rider with a short sleeve T and no shield that looked like he was shot with a pellet gun several times. Always a good time there. I may not be able to make it this year :( .
  2. We are Moving Mama/Grandma to Melbourne, Fl. the week of 3/6 to retire and putting my Vic 8) in the moving van for the ride back. So Me and Lisa will be able to make Bike week from the morning to the 10th to the morning of the 14th on our way back. Just wondering who else may be there at that time. It's been 13 or 14 years since I've been there. Ma Vic does not have their schedule of events up yet that I can see, so I don't know any of the Victory events going on as of now. We did book a Ocean side Hotel so sitting on the Beach may be option :tu . Tim T... sidecar
  3. No...I'm sure it was a typo...the dates are 8/20/15 to 8/23/15 sidecar Tim
  4. Hey Rich, We have just a studio no fridge. I can bring a large cooler full of Ice if the would work. My wife would be driving in a cage and could bring our large cooler with. My daughter and her friend want to go with us this year and that is why I need the bigger room. Tim T...sidecar
  5. I have the studio which has a queen bed and a queen sleep sofa. But unfortunately they told me that only 2 people are allowed to sleep there due to fire codes and its square footage.
  6. Just want to put this out there, but is there anyone that booked a larger room, i.e. 1 bedroom with Jacuzzi or 3 bedroom suite that they really don't need but it was the only thing available? I have a studio for the meet and it only sleeps 2. My daughter and her friend want to come with us and we would like to upgrade to the 1 bedroom with Jacuzzi which sleeps 4. Thanks, sidecar Tim
  7. If anyone is looking for a room for the Meet, I just cancelled my Studio (no fridge) room this morning. We had to upgrade to a 2 bedroom so didn't need this one. Tim T...sidecar
  8. I have been to all of them, but living in the Midwest may have made it a little easier to make all of them. Lewiston was the farthest at 1800 miles one way and Prescott was 1750 miles one way. You pick the location and the date and those that can make show up. There is no way to please everyone. Just get on your bike and ride :chpr
  9. Back to the start of this tread. Where is the 2014 MEET going to be, this wait is killing me. :what
  10. From what I was told the are 2 Proposals pending for the 2014 MEET. Chuck was at the AVR and most likly not home yet. We should hear something shortly I would think.
  11. I won the POW-MIA insert badge and the Maltese Cross Shift linkage :). And also bought a couple of other items that had set pricing on them. Tim T...sidecar
  12. Good Job guys :y: Had a great time as always, looking forward to #12 in Idaho. Have not missed one yet.
  13. I have spare Room the just opened up if anyone needs one. It is part of a 5 Room Suite and it has 2 DBL beds( which you could share). One of the Suite rooms is a Parlor/Party for after hour Scotch Drinking and Socializing. Tim T...sidecar
  14. Registration fees sent in for 2. The fees look very reasonable for all that you are getting. Thank you for all the time and effort being put into this Event. Please don't take Golfer's complaining to Heart, he has been complaining about anything and everything since I met him 8 years or so ago. He would complain no matter what you charged and if it was not the money there would be something else to complain about. Thanks again, see ya in Hot Springs
  15. Booked one Party Parlor :beer :yho and a few adjoining rooms. It's going to be another great party time :dp .
  16. I think I will hang it in the garage next to the Warning Ticket from New Hampshire last year :dno
  17. I just received a Speeding Ticket in the mail from Prescott Valley :bm Tim T...sidecar
  18. While I was trying to increase the Bids on several items for the Charity, I ended up with a lot more than expected :dno , I won the $300 and $100 CCU gift certificates, the RPW $612 Slash Exhaust certificate, the Cycle Ops POW*MIA engine cover (which I will donate to Rolling Thunder and probable win back and wish they were Chrome since I can't use Black),and finally a KewlMetal skull brake reservoir cover which I thought was a Clutch cove and will have to sell. I may sell off a few of the items or my Bikes may just get a Xmas present :tu . Tim T...sidecar
  19. Any Vic rider heading to the MEET going thur northern Illinois on Friday July 29th or Saturday the 30th is more than welcome to stay at our place either or both nights. There is plenty of room for anyone that wants to stay here. We are in Maple Park, IL about 10-15 minutes off of I-88. Just PM me if you plan on staying here. We will be pulling out for the MEET on Sunday the 31st . Our address is: 50W066 IL rt. 38 Maple Park, IL 60151
  20. It is Great that we have all these Volenteers to hold the 2012 Meet since all we need is a parking lot and nothing else. For those who don't know the following is a list of what many refer ot as prior Meets but not all called the MEET. 1st-2002 Desoto,KS Meet in the Middle 2nd-2003 Sprit Lake, IA The start of the AVR 3rd-2004 St. Paul, MN 50th Birthday Party 4th-2005 Farmville, VA !st called the MEET 5th 2006 Eureka Springs, AR 6th 2007 Porterfield, WI 7th-2008 Cherkee, NC 8th 2009 Billings, MT 9th 2010 Gorham, NH 10th will be in Prescott, AZ I have been to them all and plan on being in Prescott, AZ. If they have been in the summer months the wife is with me and if it is on Labor Day weekend I am solo. If you can make it Great, if not we will see you next year. And I bet that it takes a hell of alot more than finding a parking lot to put one of these events on. A Big Thanks to all of the Members that have put the prior events on. Tim T...sidecar :qyc
  21. We are Booked and sending check to Prescot Victory Rides. It is going to be another great time. 8) For Any Member Riding past the Chicago area We have enough space for any Riders that wants to Save a Hotel bill for the night of July 31st. We have a few extra beds, plenty of floor space and 5 acers of yard for those who want to pitch a tent. The Bar and pool will be open, Bon fire and BBQ ready to go and the Game room for the Pool sharks. Just let us know We will be pulling out on August 1st am. It is about 1700 mile from our place to Prescott. :chpr Tim and Lisa Thompson
  22. Booked and registered (2) Have not missed one yet, this will be #7. 8) Tim T...sidecar
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