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  1. I don't have a part #, but i walked into a Napa auto parts store with my old filter and walked out with an identical replacement.
  2. Damned good question Rick! I'm gonna make reservations at the Gold Dust West and Hotel Nevada. Same places as last year. I actually registered on eventzilla. What a bunch of horseshit that is. I hate change............................
  3. AC Delco 213-917 don't know if they still make it.
  4. I'm definitely no expert, but I don't think that any of the aftermarket fuel controlers will override the CPU's (w/ barometric sensor) ability to adjust for altitude.
  5. There's a few items that I wouldn't buy used off Ebay. Brake rotors are one of them.
  6. OK. One side is the actual axel bolt. The other side is the nut. Both sides look the same 'cuz they're "sex bolts" Hopefully, you've loosened the pinch bolts on the nut side, but either way, if one side is turning and the other is not, you are unscrewing it. I'm guessing that you're turning the axel, and not the nut.
  7. You know you can look up part numbers online. I think you have to register on the site, if you're not already: http://parts.polarisind.com/Browse/Browse.asp
  8. That point would be where the right amount of oxygen mixes with the hot, unburnt gases in the exhaust, which on decell, due to reverberation impulses overcoming the force of the exhaust, could be in your headpipe......................don't pay attention to me. I just made that up.
  9. Most people mistakenly assume that higher octane means more power for your stock motor.
  10. Pedro. Try here: LINK DELETED by ROADRUNNER. This is well worth the $15 to join the VMC!...............So do it!
  11. 1)Cables adjusted too tight, binding 2) Cables too loose, and a cable kinked 3) Linkage bent, or sticking 4) Dirt in the throttle mechanism itself .
  12. First thing you do is remove Mr. crampbuster and see if the problem goes away.
  13. Your first thought. Battery.
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