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  1. A few months ago a buddy was telling me about the wonderful boost in performance he got when he put E3 plugs in his 07 KP. I did a little research, but couldn’t find Victory on the application chart for the E3. I wrote the manufacturer. They were very helpful. They said the E3 is not on the application chart for good reason. E3s in a Vic is a bad idea. E3s are cold plugs for fast heat dissipation. The Vics require a hot plug for slow heat dissipation. The E3s would foul and cause soot accumulation in the combustion chamber. After I sent my friend this information he pulled the E3 plugs. Now he’s touting the Denso Iridium IU20 #5360. Again, he’s claiming a boost in performance and better gas mileage. Again, I couldn’t find anything on the Denso site about this plug for Vics. Anyone have any experience with these?
  2. I'm about to replace the brake pads on my 04 TC. I figured I'd change out the brake fluid. Manual calls for DOT 4 fluid. A buddy, who is a mac said it would be a good idea to switch to DOT 5. Is there any benefit to this. Any harm? I usually stick to what Ma Vic specifies, but this guy has been wrenching MCs a long time.
  3. I don't want to talk about it.
  4. Installed a new relay. Same shit. I'm stumped.
  5. Switch is good. Wiring is good. Hooked up my stock horn. It does the same damned thing. Fuse box fuse and in-line fuse are good. Got to be the relay right? Neither of the two local auto parts stores (Advance Auto Parts & Pep Boys) has them in stock. Just ordered one on-line
  6. Took off today and went to give the horn a blast to say adios to the wife, who was out in the yard, and no horn. Now I do have a Mini Beast on the bike, but it has worked fine for the five years or so it's been installed. Got home and figured I'd try the old WD-40 into the switch trick, Nope, nothing. Now, here's the weird thing. The horn didn't work while the bike was running or when the switch was on, but after it was shut down, switch off, engine kill button off, I just hit the horn button to see if it felt like it was broken or what, and the horn worked! Started the bike up, horn won't work. Shut the bike off, engine and ignition, and the horn works! Bass akwards. Working exactly the opposite of how it should. Took the housing apart, everything looks tight, wires all good, no broken pieces of plastic laying around, in fact, the innards look like new, no corrosion, no nuthin. Bad switch? ANY ideas?
  7. HOLD THE PHONE!!! DO NOT put E3s in your Vic. I contacted E3 and bitched about their not listings Vics in their application chart. I received a response. A tech at E3 said there is no application because there is NO E3 suitable to run in a Vic. E3s are "cold" plugs - fast heat dissipation. NGKs are "hot" plugs, slow heat dissipation, thus a hotter plug, which the Vics need. Running E3s in a Vic will foul the plugs in short order and lead to soot build up in the combustion chamber. DO NOT RUN E3s IN A VIC! P.S. After relaying this info to my buddy (an old Harley mac) he's pulling the E3s outta his Kingpin.
  8. Disregard. I looked up the specs on the 07 KP and found it takes an NGK CPR6EB-9. 04 TC takes the same plug, so it follows that it would take the same E3. E3 3.38 set at .035. In case you didn't know. Thanks anyway. Forklock out
  9. A buddy switched to E3 sparkplugs in his '07 KP (100 inch mill) and reports great results. I have an 04 TC (92 Inch) and would like to try these plugs, but the company's chart doesn't even list Victory, although they do list Yumbo (WTF is a Yumbo?). The plugs in the TC now are NGKs (CPR6EB9). I tried using the brand cross reference on their site as well and they came back "No Match." I fired off an email letting them know my feelings were hurt by them dissing Victory, but I thought I'd come here and ask. Anyone use the E3s ibn a 1507 engine? Which plug? How do they perform?
  10. Which Vics have them? BTW. I do know how to spell "Question". Typing with a bandage on my finger.
  11. Good tip. Kill switch is the 1st thing to check when it won't start. When working on a bike or washing it, it's easy to nudge the kill switch to the off position w/out realizing it while wiping or drying. I always use it when shutting the bike down. Switch off/key off/key out.
  12. My 04 TC loves the cold. Just seems to run better. Had it out many times in the 20s and a few times in the teens. Still running. When people tell me I must be crazy for riding in the winter I just tell them it's the best time to ride. No bugs.
  13. "Did you know that the oil drain plug has a torque value? I wonder who, outside of me, uses a torque wrench and new crush washer when re-installing it." Me. Always. 13mm, 20 ft. lbs. on the '04 TC.
  14. No need to fook with brake fluid? Bleeding, etc.? Is it really all there is to it?
  15. That would be my first suspect. That or a loose clamp or nut somewhere. Make sue everything is tightened down. Left a shop once after a new rear tire was installed. Bike felt a little squirrely. Well, yeah...asswipe mac never tightened down the axle nut!
  16. I detailed the TC last Saturday. The hose was laying in the hot sun for a while before I started. I wet the bike down, soaped her up and started washing. When I was done I noticed my windscreen looked foggy near the top. Closer inspection revealed that apparently, there is some kind of film or coating on the windscreen and it had "crinkled." Looks like fine spider web, and this clear film is now flaking off. It goes all across the top and down about three inches, right in my line of sight. I'm thinking the hot water did something nasty to whatever coating is on it. So, my questions are: Anyone else experience this? Is there something I can do to clean this up, or am I stuck with it? Is there some kind of polish or compound that will cure this?
  17. Just cleaned mine Sunday. Looked like the petrified bug museum!
  18. TC took off like a shot afterwards. :ltr
  19. Cleaned the TBs on the TC today. I found an easier way to do this than wrapping a rag around a screwdriver and working it around, which could scratch the walls if the blade pokes through or using Q-Tips, which you could drop down the throat. I used gun cleaning tools. Worked great.
  20. That's a hell of a thing for a dealer to say. What does he mean? They're not going to tighten up the fittings on a new set of brakes? They will charge you more? They will put your bike at the back of the line and make you wait for your service longer? If I had lost a customer to another dealer over pricing, I'd examine my pricing and do everything I could to ensure I won that customer back. If I couldn't get my prices in line, I'd make every effort to make my formerly loyal customer happy. That way I'd still make money on service from him. With that attitude, he just ensured that I'd never do business with him again.
  21. Once in a while something strange is a good thing.
  22. I went to adjust the clutch cable on my 04 TC and took a look at the service manual before diving in. It shows there's a rear fitting, some exposed threading, the lock nut and a front fitting. The lock nut is tightened against the front fitting. It says to loosen the tank to gain access (no problem) move the rubber boot off the adjustment mechanism, loosen the lock nut, then hold the cable and turn the front fitting to make the adjustment. Couldn't get the rubber boot up far enough to get a wrench on that front fitting, after loosening the lock nut, to save my life. The boot just bunched up and wouldn't budge. I noticed the rear fitting moved pretty easily and seemed to accomplish the same thing. I was able to get the lever adjusted correctly making a few turns on the back fitting. I tightened the lock nut back up against the front fitting and all appears fine. The lock nut holds the threaded piece and it does not move. Any problem doing it that way, or does the cable HAVE to be adjusted using the front adjuster? OR...could it be, as I have seen occasionally in service manuals, the way it shows it should be done is reversed or possibly another cable was used and is supposed to be adjusted the way I did it?
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