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  1. After going through nine kinds of hell to get the HD rack to fit my XR (including having to fab a bracket and cut into the rear fender under the seat) you come out with this? I hate you. Nice work and a great concept. Forklock
  2. Dammit Will! Stop making such nice stuff. Well, I guess it's hotdogs and beans again for a while since I'll be dropping my grocery money on one of these. Forklock
  3. Hmmm. They look vaguely familiar. Hey! Those look like the signals on my XR! Forklock
  4. How does it attach? I put a Springer horn (just the shell- for looks) on my right side using a jury-rigged set up attached to the oil lines that works OK, but, I'd rather have something sturdier. I might even ditch the Springer horn and find a cheese wedge if your piece will fit a TC. Forklock
  5. The animated brunette with the glasses is hot. Forklock
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