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  1. Not only the turn signals but the horn and the headlights don't work.worked before I took it apart but high beam switch was broke, so I thought I'd change it out. By the way your switch is on the way.
  2. After changing the guts that had a bad highlow beam switch in my chrome switch housing I find that I don't have any power to the functions ( headlight,turn signals, or horn). The 2 harness's in the headlight are plugged back in but nothing works. When I turn the ignition switch on the park lights and instrument lights come on but that's it. Any suggestions? This is on a 2001 V92C by the way.
  3. Kit # 2202228. Installed on my 01 C model last winter. What a great improvement. Just got one yesterday for my Sport cruiser.Gonna install it this winter. Get ahold of Paulie at HondaEast Toledo. Cheapest price I could find.Fast service.Kit comes with everything you need except the primary gasket. Hope this helps.
  4. Cruise just quit working and was wondering if anyone might have some idea why. My dealer thought it might be in the switch but I doubt it because the light on the switch comes on (red One) Then when I set the cruise the Green light on the dash lights up when you set it, but it won't hold the speed. Any ideas would help Also I noticed this morning that the middle right side tail light is out and thought I heard that the lights and the cruise were tied together. A friend of mine tried to put L.E.D. tail light bulbs on his 2012 Vision and the cruise wouldn't work til he change the bulbs back. Thanks in advance. Ride Safe, Mike
  5. I am in the process of putting a Ness 2into1 (03-05 Vegas/Kingpin) pipe on my 01C model and am hoping somebody can tell where I can find a bracket that will work. Any help appreciated
  6. 2 Visions in route. Finally out of Nebraska.Over 100 degrees in scottsbluff. See yard there.
  7. I used a wide straight screw driver. I stuck it in and twisted it then wedged another screwdriver in to hold open the gap I made while reinserting the first screw driver a little further around the fork. Just keep working your way around and take your time so you dont gouge the fork tubes. The fun part is getting the seals out!
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