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  1. Hi Mark. I`ll be sending you a few that I dug out of the black hole I have found in a closet. Ha.
  2. Taco and I plan on doing leg 1 at least. I't will be good to see the crew again.
  3. Booked at the Gold Dust. It was $119.00 total. I just hope Ill be in good enough condition. Had a few fucked up years. Ride safe.
  4. Hi Rose. Do you have a route planed out yet? Taco and I plan on dinner at the Gold Dust. Most likely a part way from Carson. Ill check back.
  5. It looks as though there are rooms available. Maybe not in the group rate though. $80.00 bucks up. Looks like the same for the Gold Dust. $108.00 and up though. GULP!!!
  6. Taco and I plan on meeting you all at the Gold Dust for dinner. Sounds like the Carson /Tahoe Hotel is booked up, Yes? Ill be looking into other options. Guess Ill be calling the Gold Dust. I use Bookings.com. I will check back in soon.
  7. Managed to book a room at the Gold Dust West for the 22nd. They had 1 room left besides that. 5-14-18. just sayin.
  8. The reason I ask, the kid and I may catch the group in route. Even meet at your lunch stop. I will be making reservations at the Roadway Inn in Carson City very soon. Yeah bummer, the Gold Dust West is booked.` Thanks.
  9. Hey Tyrant? Do you have any idea of your route from Ocean beach to Carson City is going to be?
  10. My son and I had a BLAST!!! Thanks to ALL for making it happen. Regards, Bob.
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