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  1. Quote: (Ole' Ole' is not open, but the Grill is. where ever you folks plan the feast Wendy and I would love to join up). PEW is correct. Ole Ole is still closed. The Menu at the Grille in the casino don't look to bad though. Just sayin.
  2. Ah you know I was just kidding kid. You gals have always done a good job. Someone has to work, so you'll have to make due with my ugly mug. Looking forward to seeing you guys in Carson.
  3. Hey Brent, good to see you leading this leg. I'm sick of following all the damn girls around. Taco and I plan on catching you at your lunch stop during leg 1 as you're heading East and plan to stay at the Gold Dust West, in Carson for the night. Let me know where your lunch stop may be, when you have time. Thanks
  4. Hi Mark. I`ll be sending you a few that I dug out of the black hole I have found in a closet. Ha.
  5. Taco and I plan on doing leg 1 at least. I't will be good to see the crew again.
  6. Does anybody know where I may be able to find these? For the old Hammer motors.Thanks.
  7. Well hell! When I tore down the 99 for the counter balancer bearing, I had a bit of trouble finding parts to put it back together. It had a bad valve spring busted as well. Good thing for double spring valves. I had to do a bit more horse trading for a donor motor. It is a 2000 SC motor as well. You won"t find replacement valve stem seals.I crossreferenced them so many times it made me wanna barf! I`m already slow. It took me 3 years to get her back on the road. I keep pretty good notes. If the time comes, and you need any help, just hit me up. Regards, Bob.
  8. Hi Swampie! It sure has been a long time huh? good to hear from you. I think we have done a bit of horse trading in the past. Yeah, not quite sure to do with it. I am pulling a few parts off. Too bad we are a bit far away. I`m sure between all the parts, we could make one of these motors run.
  9. Bummer. 2000 SC. At only 10,700. Has seen the days. HIGHCRIMES black durby covers. Barry2wheels custom fox shock lowered rebuild. WV chip, Vegas bars and risers. Solo seat, 2 up seat, custom solo seat. Conquest Customs steel braided clutch and oil cooler lines. 3 different exhaust. Upswept, turnout, slash cut and a Vegas born straight pipe. Easy mount mount brackets/with new bags. A lot of extras. Motor runs like tits on a Ritz. This is the bike I sold my son 2 years ago. I feel a bit bad, however there are 2 other Vics in the family. All squared away. A 99 CC and a 02 TC. Not much bread for motor swap. Has anybody had any luck selling one for parts as a whole? How about parting out? Thanks in advance. Regards. Bob.
  10. Booked at the Gold Dust. It was $119.00 total. I just hope Ill be in good enough condition. Had a few fucked up years. Ride safe.
  11. Hi Rose. Do you have a route planed out yet? Taco and I plan on dinner at the Gold Dust. Most likely a part way from Carson. Ill check back.
  12. It looks as though there are rooms available. Maybe not in the group rate though. $80.00 bucks up. Looks like the same for the Gold Dust. $108.00 and up though. GULP!!!
  13. Taco and I plan on meeting you all at the Gold Dust for dinner. Sounds like the Carson /Tahoe Hotel is booked up, Yes? Ill be looking into other options. Guess Ill be calling the Gold Dust. I use Bookings.com. I will check back in soon.
  14. Managed to book a room at the Gold Dust West for the 22nd. They had 1 room left besides that. 5-14-18. just sayin.
  15. The reason I ask, the kid and I may catch the group in route. Even meet at your lunch stop. I will be making reservations at the Roadway Inn in Carson City very soon. Yeah bummer, the Gold Dust West is booked.` Thanks.
  16. Hey Tyrant? Do you have any idea of your route from Ocean beach to Carson City is going to be?
  17. My son and I had a BLAST!!! Thanks to ALL for making it happen. Regards, Bob.
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