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  1. Hi All, this Brent and I will lead Leg 1.

    This year we start our ride on the 22nd of June at Ocean Beach near the Rhodeway Hotel. We will travel alongside Golden Gate Park, until we reach the onramp for the Bay Bridge. Our first stop will be the Eagle memorial at Contra Costa Fairgrounds. We will follow the river north from there, catch hiway50 to lunch at the Buttercup Pantry in Placerville, head to Truckee for our next memorial Eagle stop, and then head toward Carson City and the Gold Dust West on hiway 50.


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  2. I will be releasing the rooms held but not reserved at the Rodeway in San Francisco on May 21. If you are planning to stay there you may want to reserve soon. The area is currently covid classified yellow. 

    Along the route one bridge has a toll, a bill will be sent to the owner associated with the license plate, unless you have an valid

    ez pass toll transponder.


  3. LEG 1 

    Stay at the Rodeway 1234 Great Highway San Francisco, Ca. 833-456-0832 within walking distance of the beach and ride start point....$129+taxes king, $139+taxes 2 queen    reservations held under my name (Brent Fletcher) , let me know when you book so i can adjust for demand.

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