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  1. I only ever saw one in the red and white, I thought Lonestar had a custom paintjob.
  2. what's the planned route from through KC? I might be able to latch on when you come through Independence and ride to Jefferson City.
  3. when I made my reservations 3 weeks ago all they had left were the two rooms in the back lower level, Looks like Kathleen and I are staying in the dungeon. Is anyone staying at Riders Rest?
  4. Kathleen and I will be there, but I'll need a map of the Ozards to help find it.
  5. OK '02 was the meet in the middle, an change to the V2V Relay '03 and '04 were the first AVRs. '05 was the first with the title "MEET" '06 I had the privelidge of chairing the committee for Eureka Springs. OK, Holland, no more nitpicking, just hope for the time off and good weather between here and Idaho!
  6. Just a question: how can it be the 12th annual MEET when the first one was in 2005? Not stirring things, just curious. Holland
  7. Motel 62 is about 2 miles from Country Mountain Inn (the center of activities) $59.95 for two but tell them you're with the Victory Motorcycle Club and ask if there's agroup rate. 1-479-253-5600 Super 8 a few hundred feet from Country mountain Inn. I don't have a price from them yet. 1-479-253-5959 Holland
  8. Folks, the Country Mountain Inn is full and has a waiting list, Riders Rest next door is full too, The super 8 around the corner has some rooms 1-479-253-5959.
  9. Victory In The Ozarks, worth the ride ride to get there from anywhere.
  10. there's always a handful of folks there on thursday and some staying til monday
  11. OK, folks, VITO is going to be BIG this year, we have all 42 of the rooms at Country Mountain Inn reserved, yes it's full but call 1-800-626-7120 and get on the waiting list. at this moment 3:34PM on 3-11-11 the waiting list has been emptied by room cancelations so if you get on it you'll likely get a room. We also have 4 of the 10 rooms next door at Riders Rest. There is a super 8 a few yards down the road and Kettle campground across the street. Last year we had something like 26 of the rooms at CMI and it was a blast, I had a great visit even though I was only there for dinner. Holland President GPVR
  12. Eureka Springs would be a great place for another MEET, however I wouldn't attempt to tie it toBikes Blues and Barbeque, Eureka Springs is 40 miles from BB&B and the lodges are full months in advance.
  13. Kevin, I've noticed on several occasions I go back to a thread to see the continuing discussion to find that my contribution and several others have vanished. My guess is that some of us dissagree with someone too often. For a comment on the Meet to make this on-subject, branson is less than 200 miles from my house, I won't go there. Eureka Springs Arkansas is 30 miles further down the road and I would be glad to go to another National Meet there! I won't organize it, but I will go. Everyone who was there in 06, with a couple of exceptions had a great time. From the standpoint of unveiling the new models, doesn't it make mroe sense to have the first showing at Sturgis where the whole gamut of motorcyclists can be found and where the new products will be seen by people who don't ALREADY have Victory motorcycles? The object being to sell to new customers? The traffic in Branson is, well rush hour in Chicago is more fun. The shows are EXPENSIVE. The hotel space is EXPENSIVE. the food is rediculous. just my observation. if you dissagree. delete it Holland
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