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  1. well, if lloydz won't mess with it, you can do what I did when I lost 3rd gear. I got another motor from suncoast and had rylan put it in...along with a few modifications. I found one with a broken front head but the rest was in very good condition for $1100. Here's one example http://www.ebay.com/itm/07-Victory-Vegas-8-Ball-Engine-Motor-5-Speed-100ci-GUARANTEED-/381314603804?vxp=mtr&hash=item58c81f1b1c Here's another http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xvictory+motor+engine.TRS0&_nkw=victory+motor+engine&_sacat=0 Good Luck!
  2. RhodeTrip is right. Don't just use a screwdriver to tighten the battery. Use a 10mm wrench to snug the battery terminals. Mine was really acting up once and it was nothing more than a loose battery connection. Tightened it up and problem cured.
  3. That thing sounds like it is running on only one cylinder and then it fires on two every once in a while. The 'choke' lever is not really a choke, it's only a fast idle lever. Causes for one cylinder missing could be electrical, too much fuel, too little fuel, low fuel pressure, etc. Check on the right side of the throttle bodies to make sure the little rubber vacuum blockers are in place and aren't cracked. Check the temperature sensor. I've heard if there is a bad connection there it could make the bike think it's really cold out and greatly increase fuel ratio. Are both plugs getting fouled? Or just one? Have you ever cleaned the throttle bodies? A tooth brush and carb cleaner do wonders to make it run right. Take the tank off, pull the cover off the intake and pull the tubes out. Scrub the intake and wipe it out with a clean rag. Are both coils firing? Compression check? Cracked spark plug insulator?
  4. As I was told...use the middle finger to push up on the belt. About all you can do is 10 lbs with that finger and it should move three hashmarks on the belt guard. How many miles does the rear pulley have on it. I had one where the teeth were pointed and no longer rounded. Started eating teeth off the belt. I've never broken a belt in 100k miles over 3 belts...had a rock damage one once but that's it. It seems tight but any looser and the belt tries to ride up on the pulley teeth. I can tell by the vibration if its loose. Too tight and it makes a whining noise. Basically if the bike is under power what you are adjusting is the slack..ever watched a bike on the dyno...the belts stretch. Also you can sight down either side of the rear pulley towards the front pulley and if the hashmarks on the rear axel are correct, you should see just a little bit of the front pulley on either side of the rear pulley. Good luck on your trip! I'm fresh out of more TC belts!
  5. Another place to check is the connector block in the headlight that clips on the speedo. Take it off, spray it with contact cleaner and it might just work again.
  6. Google this part number "1013619 Polaris"
  7. Well, your CC has a chip, the TC has an ecm that needs to be reflashed at the dealer...that is they put a new program in the computer on the bike. The whole setup...K&N air filter, vented airbox cover, stage one mufflers and a computer reflash is considered, 'stage one'. Unless you just hate the looks of the airbox under the tanks, my suggestion would be to keep it, get the K&N filter and vented cover. Rylan at The Vic Shop I think has a whole box of filters and covers. Aftermarket airboxes tend to make more power in the upper rpm ranges but sacrifice torque in the low rpm range, which is where a heavy bike like the TC needs it. This is not just my experience...it was also recommended by both Rylan and Lloyd. To make the 92 inch TC run good, getting air into the airbox is important as well as good mufflers to let it breath. The other part of the equation is fuel...A stage one map put into the computer will help. But if you want to spend money most effectively, make sure the ecm is properly programmed. This is only done at a dealer with the digital wrench program. Then put a fuel controller on it, like a VFC 3 and have it dyno tuned. Lloyd of lloydz motorworkz in Pine Bush NY would be an excellent place to get it dyno tuned. If you want to spend even more money, there are big bore kits floating around that bring the 92 inch motor up to 100 cubic inches...Or, lloyd has some kits to get it up to a 107. More power equals more money!! Below the dyno chart from my TC. The red lines are the 92 cubic inch motor and the blue lines are the 100 cubic inch. Both used the stock, vented airbox with a hole in the front. In all this I can't emphasize enough getting the ecm, (engine control module), that is the computer, correctly set correctly. This is done at idle with an O2 senor placed in the exhaust pipe. The computer is adjusted to get the correct fuel mix at idle. The rest of the fuel map is based on this setting.
  8. What are you looking for....Improved looks or performance? There is a vented side cover for the stock airbox as well as a K&N filter. A real common solution to get more power with the stock airbox is to make a large hole in the front of the airbox between the frame down tubes. On a TC, the stock air box with the vented cover and hole in the front actually works pretty well and was recommended by several engine builders. There are tubes inside the airbox that enhance the low end torque.
  9. Well, its on and it's tight and it's quiet...no more crickets! It was embarrassing. Hopefully the plastic teeth and aluminum pulley will stay together..
  10. I think sticking with vic recommendations is a good idea. Might be why stoggy's broke? Too much slack and a hard shift could sure cause a heck of a snap. Besides, over 100 lbs of torque is putting a lot more strain on the bearings, etc. than 10 mm @ 10 lbs.
  11. I've worn out two rear pulleys. The last was a billet 7 spoke to match the billet wheels. Sent it off to super max and they installed plastic teeth. Had to go to 65 teeth because of limited pulley material, but should make about only about a 1 1/2 mph difference at 70. Might keep me out of a ticket? It has 14 set screws as well. Not cheap! They recommend 3/4" belt play? Anybody had any experience with these?
  12. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Polaris-Victory-V92TC-2002-on-rear-build-to-order-UltraSport-shock-2-way-adjust-/330362803039?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4ceb28535f&vxp=mtr
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