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  1. Before you completely dismiss the kill switch, does the starter turn over but won't start, or is it all or nothing when you try to start it?
  2. I am not opposed to changes, but it seems to me we are throwing the baby out with the bath water. I think there are only 2 or 3 legs that are having a tough time getting riders. The legs East of Kansas City seem to be fairly well attended. The two legs between Kansas City and Denver/Castle Rock are tough recruit riders, it is a very sparse population out there. It is also my understanding that the leg across the desert is also tough.
  3. I don't understand this at all. Are we foregoing the baton pass? I know there was an idea floated to do this over a few weekends but isn't the idea to go across the country not just ride a given leg?
  4. Due to medical reasons I know I won't be riding until at least late February or more than likely March. I haven't ridden since August. I had a neighbor take the bike for a spin and fill the gas tank. Per several recommendations the oil was changed a couple of weeks ago and then idled the motor for about 10 minutes to circulate the new. All years past I changed on mileage due as I rode all winter.
  5. The way I would attempt to get it is how I was advised in similar circumstance. Drain the oil. Remove the primary cover, be sure to have a replacement gasket. Very good chance you will be able to remove the broken dipstick.
  6. Thanks to John for accepting my offer. I completed the purchase of the two items a few minutes ago. Can't wait for the Tootsie Roll to show up!
  7. If you're getting 45 MPG then I would guess you're running lean, which will mean running HOT.
  8. Click on the "Membership" tab at the top. Parts list is a drop down choice. Here is the link http://forums.thevmc.com/members/parts/default.asp
  9. Local hose shop can probably fix you up on Monday, not much help. For the short term, have you tried running the hose under the upper triple tree, that might get you by in the short term?
  10. I learned this lesson in 2004 on my first Vic, reset that trip meter at each fill up. Then like Tom said, plan on getting fuel around 125 miles.
  11. I led rides at two Demo days last year. I thought the Magnum handled as well or better than a stock XC. Something about it just fit me and my sense of balance. Can't afford to trade, but if I could, the Magnum would be on the short list of consideration. I don't think you have anything to be concerned with, I think it handles great!
  12. Sounds silly but it has happened to others too many times to count. When you shut off the motorcycle do you use kill switch or just the key? Make sure the switch is in the run position. Next I would be looking at the run switch itself, they rarely go bad, but it can happen. I had one on my TC that I had to take apart, clean the connections, and use some dilectic grease.
  13. If I looked at the calendar right, I will be joining this ride at lunch. Cruising into KC with the pack!
  14. Looks like all of you had a great time on Sunday. I know it was great seeing everyone Saturday evening.
  15. 12 oz bottle is more than plenty. You'll probably have about a half bottle leftover.
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