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  1. I am cancelling my room, a king suite in the morning. Friggen getting laid off in August really sucks.
  2. Wouldn't miss it, but like others I am sure, I plan to be there a day or two early, and maybe in the area a day or two extra.
  3. Kingpinman is spot on, it is always the weekend before Memorial Day. Most usually arrive on Friday and depart on Sunday. Time around the fire on Friday and Saturday evenings. Usually no formal rides, but latch on to someone whose ride sounds fun and interesting. For reservations: http://countrymountaininn.com/
  4. I just checked the GPS tracker, no doubt that Patty was leading this leg. Kathy and I will head down to Castle Rock when she arrives to Denver.
  5. If you see a lady that is oblivious to what is going on, and a small dog, in a black VW Passat, wave her down and make her buy the water in Limon. Kathy is leaving Shawnee around 8:00 tomorrow morning, and she should be getting to Limon around 2:30-3:00 in the afternoon. I will tell her to be on the look out for you.
  6. Just as a matter of argument, the meet in 2006, the second one, really still an infant event, there was over 100 attendees. Seemed like everyone I spoke with liked having that extra day to get home and not use up anymore vacation. If this years event had been on a 3-day weekend, I am sure more could have attended. July 4th is out, that is, if you want to perpetuate the first national event, the V2V, as it ends on the 4th, and the 4th doesn't guarantee a 3 day weekend.
  7. Congratulations and thanks to the SW Region and the Prescott Valley Victory Riders. SWMBO and the $$$man will be there!
  8. Start thinking mid-south, Labor Day weekend, organized crime open town in the 1930's, wives begging to come along, and kick-ass riding.
  9. Good on all those who planned and participated with the Meet. This is outstanding, the generosity of the VMC family continues to amaze and please me.
  10. I just saw this thread, SWMBO and I will keep him in our thoughts. Tom is a good egg, we had a blast riding with him on 5, 6, & 7.
  11. The Great Plains Victory Riders will be hosting a cookout that is free to all riders, and backwarmers. Free food, and free soda/water. Cause of the legal chit, everyone is responsible for their adult beverages. Tomnkc will be manning the grill; he is the wing man (he does other stuff pretty good also). Get your butts to Kansas City!! It will be one helluva party, and if things go well, this will be an annual event on the V2V. Hope to see many of you in June! More details to follow. For the newer members MITM=Meet In The Middle
  12. And..........there is going to be a helluva cookout in Kansas City Sunday night, June 27th. Get yer arses to KC, tomnkc will be manning the grill, cooking his killer wings and other good things, Great Plains Victory Riders will be hosting. GPVR provides food and soda, beer and liquor up to each individual (I heard that if you take care of the Cyclone, he may offer you a cigar ;)). I can promise, that Leg 7 will not hold up the fesivities!
  13. Patti, I can probably take this leg as captain. I am planning to ride from Denver to at least KC.
  14. Please see updates at the summary thread http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=87327&posts=1&start=1 More updates will be added as Ross has the opportunity.
  15. I have sent Ross the lodging information for the night once the riding is complete. We have a block of ten rooms at the Ramada Hays Convention Center.
  16. Don't get skeered, this leg is only Denver area to Hays, KS.
  17. I don't know about the entire leg, but we'll be on the afternoon part
  18. An "official" event has been added to the V2V. The Great Plains Victory Riders will be hosting a MITM cookout sponsored by the VMC. This is going to be a great treat to those that will venture to the middle!!
  19. Jim, it is a credit to you, the Yellowstone Victory Riders, and the NW Region for putting on a Meet, where everyone that I know of was ready to dig into their pocket and help out just a bit more. What you learned from this meet, will serve you and the VMC well in years to come.
  20. SWMBO and I just made it home, 6:00 CDT. We had a great time, already looking forward to next year.
  21. For those that rode the Beartooth yesterday, the proofs are up at colemangallery.biz. Click on the "Proofs" link and then choose Victory Motorcycle Meet link. We went past the photographer at 10:15-30 and ours were on page 3. He says they are arranged by time earlier to later.
  22. I have posted a few chronicling our trip so far, look under the Great Plains Victory Riders in the South Central Region. More to come, we're having a great time.
  23. Jim, Ann and Matt, great job with the website and the planning of what I am sure will be a memorable weekend. Mentally I have been checked out since the first of June, I sure am glad that you guys picked up the ball and ran with it. New faces and new places, 11 days until we blast off from KC.
  24. If the Kansas City area works, you'd be welcome.
  25. From the leg 7/8 cookout hosted by the Great Plains Victory Riders. WE HAD A GREAT TIME!!!!!!
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