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    Saturday, we are having dinner at the steak house at the Riverside. If you want to join us, we need to know. Making reservations today.
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    These are our plans for heading out to Laughlin on February 8th, 2019. Last I checked, we had close to 20 people attending with several more on the fence depending on weather. Hope you can make it. JSP Riders group will meet up at the Shell Gas Station at 19415 Golden Valley Rd, Santa Clarita, CA. It is off the Golden Valley turn off of the 14 freeway. KSU at 8:30 am- be gassed up and ready to go. Kevin's group will depart from Monrovia at the Best Buy parking lot at 8 am. From there, east on the 210 to the Chevron Station at 15160 Summit Ave, Fontana at 8:30 am. From there we will ride out to Victorville (gas and breakfast) A "Proper Breakfast" will be at Mollie Brown's, 15775 Mojave Dr, Victorville, CA 92394. Planning on arriving there at 10:00 am. For Saturday, we will be planning a ride. Dinner plans TBD
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    Plan on a good time being had by all. There will be drinks, laugh's, food, laughs, riding, laughs, and just a great time to hang out with fellow Victory riders. Aquarius Casino Resort 1900 S Casino Dr, Laughlin, Nevada 89029
  4. I am commenting, since the local chapter will be planing the rides and they are 10 months out from the event dates. I can assure you, you will not be disappointed. The ride opportunities in the area are spectacular. The VMC held the national event there in 2013. It was fantastic. .
  5. Just read this on one of the Regional Facebook pages. "I just want to THANK everyone again for all your generosity!! Finally dollar amount to be donated to the City of La Grande Fire Dept is $9500.00. We will be presenting them with a check this coming Saturday @ 8:00AM if anyone would like to join us. The more the merrier. Thanks again! I'm proud to be apart of The VMC & the Victory family."
  6. Here is a link to what has just been posted about next years NW VMC meet in Lewiston Idaho. Same location as the 2013 National meet. https://www.facebook.com/2019-VMC-North-West-Victory-Regionals-1919053734840346/
  7. I am hoping for Las Vegas in July hosed by Sin City Riders. That would be a blast...................furnace
  8. Thanks for updating the link. I booked my room this morning.
  9. Donna our SW VMC rep, has set up a meet and great,Friday 11 am at Mt. Rushmore.
  10. If the Nation meet truly is "The Corner Stone" of all the meets, then set the week of the year in stone for every year. Everybody else then works around that date. Why are those other events so successful, because they are stable have set dates and people can plan years in advance. One of the requirements of a LC hosting could be that they can do it that particular weekend. If the National had a standing week-end, the regional events could then work around that one. Seems like the cart is before the horse. You got to forget about trying to please everybody. Just my non board member thoughts.
  11. What has bee the attendee count for the last 6 National VMC meets?
  12. How about sharing how many people came to the last few national events by milage. Say <500 500-1000 1000-1500 1500-2000 2000+ Just might tell you a lot about where to have the meets. Is it really a National meet or a regional meet if only a few are traveling a long way?
  13. A short video interviewing Big Joe. J6T0U67GONQ
  14. Yes of course I am kidding. I love Donna and her passion do do well for our group.
  15. I have no interest, but thanks. I think Donna got to the bottle a little early that day. 8)
  16. Stoggy, Your a long range rider. Will we see you there?
  17. Mush Mush next year for me. If the National meet works out great. Man I sure hope I can find some twisty good roads to make up for the flat ones that were going to see in Iowa! I have options. From My house thru Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon, Then up through twisty Utah, then twisty Colorado, then twisty Wyoming then the super twisty Dakotas, then finally Iowa. OR California, Arizona, New Mexico which has some of the best MC roads in the country, then twisty Colorado, twisty Wyoming, then the twisty Dakotas. Then finally super slab it thru some corn fields, which OBTW sounds pretty cool to see for a change. Let's see? When I get to Iowa, if I read the post right, I will see 1000 to 2000 Victory motorcycles and 20 to 30 Victory specific vendors, many of the same people and the factory tour of where my 3 Vic's were built. Sounds pretty fricken cool to me!!! In Idaho I saw 200-300 or so motorcycles, and did I see any venders displaying product? Other than Rylan, Nope. Friends we don't have to do it every year, nor would I suggest it. But to not consider it is in my humble opinion short sighted.
  18. Can somebody who has been to both the VMC National and the AVR, explain the downside to combining the 2 events? Lets start with how would the AVR take away from the VMC national event?
  19. Daughter and grand children? Are you serious? Never thought you were old enough. :usf
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