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  1. Kelli and I have our reservations, We will see you all in Tennessee.
  2. I had more fun at the National Meet in Billings but it's the only Nat I've been to because of the time needed to take off work. Living in Mn I can go to the AVR and back in one day if I want.
  3. I agree, make it on Labor Day weekend. Didn't go to National because of Vacation time. An extra day makes a huge difference in how far I will travel.
  4. Does the snake come in green and if so what shades?
  5. So Which region(s) have submitted a proposal? I had such a good time in Billings that I am anxious to plan next years already. When does the voting start?
  6. A big THANKS to Jim and all who helped, had a great time! Kelli and I spent two days in Sturgis took it easy on the way home and spent Tues night in Sioux Falls. Got home Wed afternoon.
  7. Good thinking Jim, Thanks for the info
  8. If you email me the flyer I visit/call the Mn. dealers.
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