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  1. Kelli and I have our reservations, We will see you all in Tennessee.
  2. Might get a quicker response in the tech forum.
  3. Like Rylan said, just twisting the wrench is only going to spin the bolt and damper rod. You might get lucky hitting the Allen wrench with a hammer but an impact is the way to go.
  4. If you hear one shift you will understand.
  5. Isn't the c-stand height adjustable. I have one of his early ones that wasn't adjustable and the tire would just slightly rub while on the stand. Never got in the way while I was riding and there are little to no chicken strips on my tires. Would still have it on except I raised the rear of my Hammer and it doesn't work on my bike, may put it on my wife's Vegas.
  6. My 05 Hammer's tank whistles when its been sitting in the sun, but that is from the vent and it does not whistle when running.
  7. A standard 30mm socket, 1/2 inch drive fits my 05 Hammer. Don't believe anything changed.
  8. The main part of the bars is 1.25in, the area where the controls mount is 1in,
  9. Dunlop locks up easier especially when cold.
  10. The switch on my front brake lever popped out of place and kept the brake light illuminated. He said his brake light works but not the tail. Isn't there three wires to the tail light on 09 up? Tail, brake and ground. Unplug the light and use a voltmeter at the connector. If you have power at both hot wires the problem is between the connector and the light.
  11. I had more fun at the National Meet in Billings but it's the only Nat I've been to because of the time needed to take off work. Living in Mn I can go to the AVR and back in one day if I want.
  12. Are you sure the new bars are 7/8? Do your stock grips fit? How do the stock bar ends attach? Could you post a pic of the Stock bar end out of the handle bar?
  13. Should say LL after the H# designation Phillips makes them(OEM) your local autoparts might be able to order them. If so, I would get two now and have a spare. If not, try any local bike shop.
  14. wingsanwheels- Give Rylan a call, you'll get the quickest answer.
  15. Ok, misunderstood. One sprocket/pulley for each belt width. Stock 100ci and up use the 1.125 wide belt and the 70t rear.
  16. Don't all the 100ci and up motors use the 1.125 wide belt? 70tooth rear sprocket?
  17. What is the difference between the rear pulley on an 05 Hammer and the 06 and up models? The Polaris website lists different #s and usage for both.
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