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  1. This may sound real stupid, but is the filter in backwards? Could there be something blocking the line when it is tightened up, but that allows fuel to come through when the line is loose? Also, did you have to disconnect the spark plug wires when removing the tank? Maybe it's not getting spark? As I said, these may be stupid suggestions since I've never done that work before. But that's what I would check first.
  2. Return the bike. If all of them on the floor are the same, then it's a defect from the factory.
  3. Judging from the gas prices I would say that it was 2001, or maybe 2002. What year did they have that cranberry and white paint scheme on the V92? (Third picture down)
  4. Buy one on ebay and have it painted to match your bike.
  5. Does it crank over and not start, or does it not crank over at all? If it's not cranking at all, the first thing I would check would be the battery connections. Take them apart and clean them because there could be a little oxidation in there preventing the charge from getting through. Even though the connections are tight, something could have oxidized to cause a problem. (happened to me on my truck last year) You might also want to check the ground connection where the ground cable meets the frame, and the connection at the starter. I would also go through all of the fuses (every one of them) to make sure they are in correctly, and make sure nothing is blown. There is another thread on here from a few weeks ago where the bike wouldn't start, and it turned out to be a fuse that went to the ECM or something like that. Anyway, that is my non-mechanic, no experience with this type of problem, suggestion. I hope you get it fixed.
  6. There's a thread on here from a few weeks ago titled "Won't Start" about a Jackpot with the same problem. It turned out to be a fuse, but not the fuel pump fuse. Check all of your fuses and relays to make sure that nothing is burnt out.
  7. I would let the owner know what the service manager said. It sounds like the dealer has normally treated you right, and this is your first bad experience. A dealer cannot correct its problems if no one tells them what is wrong. And I disagree with Kingsly - people bitch about not having a strong network of Vic dealers, but then they want to run away from one at the first sign of a problem? Give the owner a chance to fix the attitude of the service manager before you walk away. Even if you don't go there again, it might help the next guy who goes there. It's the only way that we are going to get better dealers IMO.
  8. It sounds like you already made your decision. So you bought your bike from the low-cost dealer, and then went to your normal dealer for repair and they told you that you wouldn't get as good of service from them since you bought the bike somewhere else? If that is the case, then I would take the bike back to the dealer that you bought it from for service. A good dealer would still take your service work and try to earn your business back. It sounds like it wasn't that the other dealer gave you a big discount on the bike. they just had some bonus cash from Polaris for the demo truck, and they were more aggressive on your trade-in value. I would let the owner of Ken's know why you went elsewhere, and also let him know that if they are going to claim to offer reduced service levels to people that didn't buy bikes from them then they will lose a lot of customers. But badmouthing this dealer just because he wouldn't give you a high trade-in value for your bike isn't fair. Maybe he had plenty of inventory and didn't need another used bike, while the new dealer is trying to get some used bikes on the floor. Or maybe he knows how hard it can be to sell a used Vic while the new dealer hasn't been stuck with used inventory for a long time. There's all kinds of reasons why trade-in values vary from dealer to dealer. Oh, and if you haven't bought the bike yet, then I would tell Ken's about the bonus cash and higher trade-in and give them a chance to match it. I think there are some big rebates from Polaris for new 2013 bikes now.
  9. Is there a way to run a jumper from the battery right to the fuel pump, just to see if it will run with power to it? Bypass all of the electrical and see if the pump itself still works. You may want to get some advice to make sure that you don't damage anything, but that could be something to try.
  10. Weird. On my 04 Kingpin the kill switch kills the fuel pump and the starter.
  11. I am not a mechanic and have no clue what I am doing, but that has never stopped me from giving advice before. Have you checked all of the electrical connections and fuses? That would be the first place I would start before replacing any major parts. Since the bike turns over, then I would think that the kill switch isn't bad. Otherwise, the bike wouldn't even turn over. So I would look at the wiring leading to the fuel pump.
  12. I have an 04 Kingpin, and putting it into 1st gear sounds like an old tractor. A big heavy clunk. Then each gear has a pretty solid clunk noise too. It is normal for my era of bike. I thought they had some different style gears on the new bikes to make them a little quieter when shifting. I guess the only way to know is to compare it to a similar bike in your area. What kind of oil are you running?
  13. Ask if he gives a VMC discount. Some dealers offer discounts to members, so it doesn't hurt to ask about it. Sucks about the transmission; I was hoping that it would be something simple. While they have the engine apart, you could inquire about upgrading the motor.
  14. So did ya figure out what was wrong?
  15. I have a sears jack that is similar to the harbor freight model. I took a knife and cut about 2" out of the rubber padding on each lift arm so that it was aligned with the centerline of the bike. The bike still rocks a little bit, but not as much as before I cut away the rubber. To make it easier get the jack under the bike I roll the bike onto some blocks of wood for extra ground clearance.
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