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  1. Judging from the gas prices I would say that it was 2001, or maybe 2002. What year did they have that cranberry and white paint scheme on the V92? (Third picture down)
  2. So the divorce is final? Now I finally feel free to state my opinion. Her music sucked. Good luck Will!
  3. Either of the two with the smooth edges. (lower right hand corner, and upper left hand corner) The rest of them look like elongated bottle caps.
  4. I guess that I was missing Flash. Just got a new computer and have to get all the settings right. Now I can see it. Thanks for the help.
  5. I tried to go to the Cycleopsusa website, and it won't let me in. The front page comes up, but there are no links to enter the site. Did the addition of the Harley logo cause your site to break down? :har
  6. My other suggestion - since you've already made this bar using cold-rolled steel, why not offer a cold-rolled steel option? You could have cold-rolled steel powdercoated black (or other colors), cold-rolled chromed, and polished stainless steel. Offer them at three price-points, and you can broaden your appeal without any additional tooling cost. At the very least, offer a power coated cold rolled steel option. I'm sure that there are lots of 8-ball owners that would prefer a black bar over a chrome or polished one.
  7. Isn't part of the appeal of the 5/8" bar to have the big, "beefy" look? I think that a 1/2" bar would look pretty weak. It might be very strong, but it wouldn't have the same appearance of the 5/8" bar. Have you thought about using 5/8" tubing instead of solid bar stock? The tubing would probably be a little easier to bend, would still give the same appearance, and would probably be nearly as strong. (You'd have to do the engineering on the strength part) Plus, it would be a little lighter - that means lower material cost, lower shipping cost, easier to handle, less weight on the bike, etc. Just a thought. Anyway, before you switch the diameter, ask yourself what your purpose is for making this bar? If it was to have a thick, heavy-duty appearance, then stick with the 5/8" material.
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