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  1. Rob, Been awhile since I've ridden a V2V but I enjoyed the rides we did together. Enjoy your new toy. Sure doesn't look like it has much of a lean-angle though! -Mike
  2. Once again, I'm going to TRY to ride at least part of the route with y'all. Where I intercept our group will probably be determined by where you'll plan to stop for lunch. (I don't want to miss lunch so I want to hook-up a bit before your lunch-stop.) Some thoughts: With Plainfield being your overnight-stop, Vandalia might be a bit "early" for lunch. Both Altamont & Effingham have suitable places to eat. Effingham is loaded with possibilities. I think Altamont has a fast-food or two, plus a decent full-service place near both I-70 & US40. I've eaten there a couple of times - with others - and everyone seems to like the place. In any case, there isn't much east of the Effingham-area - until around Greenup, where you'll find a DQ & a Subway across the road from each other - on IL130, about a quarter-mile north of US40. I'm sure there are other places in Greenup - I'm just not familiar with them. In any case, if you need me to "scout" some places along the route - just let me know. I'm about 1-1:15 from US40 (Effingham to around Terra Haute) and I ride that area a lot. Maybe a visit to the world-famous Moonshine, IL could be combined with a WESTBOUND V2V sometime. Moonshine is about 15 min. south of Casey - and US40 goes through Casey. Helen shuts the grill down at 12:30pm - so an EASTBOUND V2V couldn't arrive in time from the St. Louis area. NOTE: Maybe next year? I think a WESTBOUND V2V would work - since Plainfield is the overnight-stop now! Yahoo Maps claims the ETA for Plainfield to Moonshine is 1 hr. & 43 min. (BTW, you lose an hour crossing the state line, westbound.) I could never work-in a visit to Moonshine when I was leading the V2V - with Terre Haute as our overnight stop. Lunch at 10am didn't seem like a great idea. But I'm thinking Plainfield makes the visit possible. It's just a thought. Everyone should experience the "ambiance" of Moonshine once in their lives! Hope I can make it for part of the route - and it's not 100 degrees / 100% humidity this year!!! -Mike
  3. Was the photo of the belt-change on the next webpage? :-Þ Don't see a "watermark" on the photo. Not sure that clears it for use by anyone -- but a I think a "watermark" precludes just anyone using it. -Mike
  4. Thinking about all of you riding the V2V today. I think I'll ask Someone to watch over you today. I've seen where Bambi and the V2V have already crossed paths at least once - and the heat along your route today will be brutal. The rain, storms, and cool air will apparently stay north of you about 100 miles today. As of this AM, there was a 20% chance of t-storms this evening - but absolutely nothing on radar as of 1:30pm. You'll apparently be riding with a tailwind all day - but I'm not sure that's a good thing in this heat. I took a couple of 20 min. rides this AM and the cross- and head-winds didn't feel too bad. I've ridden at least a part of the IL-leg every year since my first V2V in '05 - riding as Leg Captain the first few. I've also ridden the legs east and west of ours -- once each. Met lots of great people and had fun on every ride. Thankfully, Hunter co-captained with me, probably in '09, and he's had the ball since. This is the first V2V I've been sidelined since '05 - and I'm not happy I'm missing it - but the last couple were questionable for me and I probably should NOT have ridden it last year. I planned & hoped I could ride at least a part of our leg again this year -- but the heat/humidity AND a leg problem prevented my participation. (It's the same problem that cost me a knee - and about 3 months of riding - last year right after the V2V.) As I said, I took a couple of quick rides this AM - and I decided that my decision to skip the V2V this year is the right one. Heat & humidity don't like me - and there'll be no escape from either today. Ride safe and have as much fun as you can - while baking in the IL-sun and triple-digits heat! -Mike
  5. Plainfield is roughly 40 miles east of Terre Haute. That's not really that much of a change - and moving the TH-stop to Brazil would be almost no change at all. From Brazil to Plainfield, the map (and satellite view) makes that area look almost like it's uninhabited - so Plainfield is really the only choice east of Indy. To me, location and available-services makes Plainfield the only practical choice. -Mike
  6. I know this is LATE but I've been kinda busy since I returned from my V2V ride. When I HAVE had any time - I've been on my XR, fighting an urge to just take off on another extended ride. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone I met on Leg 6 (the new & old friends). I watched everyone ride off from the BW at Forestel - going both ways as some went west and some returned east, I wished I could have gone onto KC. BTW, all of you who took off in the rain? I left about an hour later, rode north along the Mississippi, then east across IL -- not a DROP of rain! :-Þ But that ride home told me my decision to limit my participation was a good idea. I was "ok" upon my return, but tired and my next two days' of activity wore me out. And last week I think the reason became evident. I spent a few days running a low fever - which I haven't done in 7-8 years. Finally after 3 days of fever, my right lower leg swelled about 3X normal and turned bright red. A visit to my local clinic prompted an immediate visit at a local hospital to ensure I didn't have a clot in my leg. I didn't - but what I had might still cause me some problems - a deep-tissue infection. So I've been on bed-rest for a few days, loaded up with antibiotics and steroids. Today is my first day to be relatively free but I'm to return to the clinic for another inspection and a visit to my orthopedic surgeon might be warranted yet too - as my right knee has been affected. Yeah - one of my 8-month old new knees! For the days I was laid-up, that knee felt like my surgery was a week ago. Late last night and this AM, the meds must be clearing whatever happened in that knee too. The leg-swelling & redness is nearly gone and the knee is about 50% now. I hope to be back in the saddle again in a couple of days - but with a thought. After speaking with my PA about clots, it's obvious to me I need to get off the bike AT LEAST hourly and walk a little. I learned that spending long hours immobile is bad for us (in the car, bus, or plane - probably on a motorcycle too). Blood clots in our legs is a REAL possibility. With my recent surgery, I'm especially at-risk - even now. Why post all this? I heard folks talking of Iron Butt rides, the V2V just ended, and we have some hard-core long-distance riders among our ranks. Some aren't in much better health than I am and I know that pounding the pavement for hours at a time, grabbing an evening steak, then collapsing in a tent or a motel is going to place someone else at-risk too. Anyway - Mic, thanks for another great ride. When I've hopped my present hurdle, I'll ride your way for a visit, (I rode near Brazil the Wednesday after Leg 6 - on 42 - but I figured you weren't home yet.) Everyone, it was fun! -Mike
  7. Mic, I got it locally -- "locally", for me. Sportland Motorsports in Urbana, IL is about 30 miles from me and I was purchasing Yamahas from Sam 35 years ago. My only experience with "our replacement" was not good and only made my decision to give Sportland a try much, much easier. Sam has ALWAYS worked with me on "the deal". When we begin negotiating, we find creative ways for me to get more for less - and Sam has always been most cooperative in that respect. He was like this 35 years ago - and buying my Cross Roads from him was just like "old times". Although he's handled "The Big Four" in Urbana & Bloomington for several years and has almost become a "mega-dealer" - also picking up the Victory-line maybe 3-4 years ago (and is picking up BMW within weeks) - he hasn't changed at all from the old days when he was running the little Yamaha & Guzzi shop in Thomasboro (between Urbana & Rantoul on US45). -Mike
  8. Moose, are you trying to find one near the Vic-shop? Nice area. I imagine a motel near Washington would be less expensive than our previous two locations, but you never know. I plan to ride (at least) our leg again, so count me in wherever you choose to stay. I don't know about staying overnight at TH yet. (I know what I'd LIKE to do but I might not be up for riding two extra legs this summer.) My "extended involvement" (extra legs) will be determined by the temps. I have new knees (doing great, BTW) and will have a new bike - but I've still dealing with the same old multiple sclerosis and it just doesn't do heat & humidity. -Mike
  9. Mic, I'll send you a PM. I PLAN to link up with the leg - "somewhere" along your route between Vandalia & the Mississippi. I'll then ride over to TH and probably return home after dinner & visits. Even THAT limited-involvement will be determined by the heat that day. As of now, Accuweather is saying the high temp will be 84 degrees - and that's do-able. But they also state a likely high of 92 deg. two days later - and I can no longer do an all-day 92-deg. ride (not do that AND function for the next two weeks!). That far out - their forecast usually "creeps forward" a little - so I really can't make or provide definite plans. But even if 92 deg. - I might just avoid the western part of the leg (it always seems to be the hottest part). I might try to "jump in" somewhere around Effingham or east - and ride on to TH. -Mike
  10. Seems there should be plenty of photographic proof of the baton's travels last year. I distinctly remember posing with it once or twice - maybe that camera broke? I've run the length of Leg Six.....it's still there! There's even some nice new smooth blacktop. Now, I just need to get my bike ready (tires don't have lots of rubber left). -Mike
  11. Tell us you're riding your Vic and you can post it here.... :-Þ Hope you can find someone enroute to ride with. Ride safe!!! Keep an eye on the weather. -Mike
  12. My 3XL + pin is now included in the poll. -Mike
  13. This thread is on "Auto-Bump" and pinned. I gave it an additional boost this AM - getting closer to the event AND there were lots of new threads started and they were listed above it. For those going to Bike Week, BE SAFE - and please note the AMBER ALERT on our home page (Florida-area). I'll repost the alert-info again in THE MAIN - hopefully one of our folks might see something that will help. -Mike
  14. We've utilized RAIN in much the same way but we can't take credit for it or control it much... Ross, thanks for your comments - and you're welcome! I plan to keep riding our leg - but to commit to leading it means I need to be there start-to-finish & go "no matter what". I don't want the leg to have to RELY on me to be there start-to-finish. If I'm not leading (on the westbound V2V's), I could ride over to Terre Haute on the morning-of. Even riding home from Wentzville is only a 3-hr. ride. If I'm not leading, I can adjust my involvement to the heat. The 3-day commitment this year was a bit much and common sense tells me I really need to be a little more cautious. I just need to cut back on the hotter rides. -Mike
  15. Also posted on local LC website: Just a little heads-up for next year's V2V and regarding our Terre Haute-to-St. Louis-area V2V leg - I won't volunteer for Leg Captain next year. This year was my fifth year and I'm afraid my history with the V2V is that each event's rides are just WAY TOO HOT for my health problems. This year, I had to deal with 98 deg. - riding over to TH and preparing - the day before, riding our leg - the day of, then returning home - the next day. The weather has even pretty-much prevented me from riding the extra legs I've wanted to. So continuing to lead the leg is something I just shouldn't be doing. I'll help whomever steps-up with any planning and routes. I'd also be OK if that person (those persons) chose to make our leg entirely his own (their own). I'll likely even continue to RIDE our leg - or at least part of it. It's just that I shouldn't commit to three days of such heat. I can probably deal with ONE but not three and the Leg Captain SHOULD be present as the previous leg arrives and when the succeeding leg departs. In the kind of heat we've had to deal with these past few years, had I NOT been a Leg Capt. - I'd probably have arrived for our leg the morning-of, then maybe even returned home the evening-of (after dinner of course). It's all about whether my body can compensate for the heat - and it matters how long it has to. By the 3rd day of near-100 deg. heat, I just could NOT get cooled off. I've been told by people with MS longer than I've had it - that eventually, my "3-4 day recovery" will take weeks, then months for me to "bounce-back" and, eventually, I WON'T "bounce back". So, in order to maintain my present level of activities - and maybe even try to improve my situation a bit - I'm going to start riding SMARTER and avoid the high heat I've kept getting caught in. I don't know HOW they ride several legs of the V2V "out west"! They might eventually have to schedule "night shifts" to avoid some of the heat. Anyway, Terre Haute-area folks? Start planning for next year. Coerce someone into volunteering - or draft someone! -Mike
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