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  1. I may get blasted for this but why in the world is the registration that much? There is a substantial amount of funds allocated for National correct?
  2. Mark has been a regular at the Southeast Victory Rally and I echo Jon - A fantastic guy. This is heart breaking to say the least. He is a "bigger than life" kinda guy that loves the Victory brand and built an amazing XC. Please pray for his health and for his family and friends to cope with this battle.
  3. Also we have found that many vendors make their yearly plans a year (or longer) in advance.
  4. That's great. I will be in Florida this weekend otherwise I would make it. Maybe next time.
  5. Hey Will ... i was hoping this was not the outcome but I am positive its for the best. Take care of your family and yourself and this problem will fade with time.
  6. Do you have any more pictures or information? :) Looks cool!
  7. That's great Jon! I can't wait to see it.
  8. That was the perfect spot for yor display!
  9. There are still 10 coupons left for early VMC registrations. Use code VMC2012 to get $5 off registration. https://victoryrally.webconnex.com/2012Registration
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