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  1. This will be the 10th Annual Texas VMC Meet. It is held at the Johnson City Pig Roast which is a small old school rally. We reserve an area where we set up a large tent for our gathering place. We camp together, provide delicious meals, have an all Victory bike show, campfire, fellowship, fun and of course rides. Those that don't want to camp usually stay at the Best Western in Johnson City. You can check www.johnsoncity-texas.com for a list of area motels. More details to come.
  2. The 9th Annual Texas VMC Meet Oct 11-13, 2013 This will be the 9th year year we've held the Texas VMC Meet at the Johnson City Pig Roast, a small old school rally. It cost $25 to enter the grounds which includes a free barbeque dinner Saturday night. At the rally there is camping, vendors, live bands, a bike show and bike games. We set up a large tent where we meet, fellowship, eat, drink and have our all Victory bike show. Several of us camp as a group near the big tent, others stay at motels and bed and breakfasts, usually Best Western of Chantilly Inn. This year there will
  3. The Texas VMC Chapters will be having the 5th Annual Texas Meet October 9th-11th at the Johnson City Pig Roast. Five years ago some Texas VMC members decided to hold the first Texas VMC Meet at the Johnson City Pig Roast and it has become an annual event, growing each year. Johnson City is about 50miles west of Austin. The Johnson City Pig Roast is a small rally which the Hill Country Toy Run Association puts on every year to benefit the Cherokee Childrens Home in Cherokee Texas. At the meet we will have a VMC community camp and a 20'x30' tent. There are hotels and bed and brea
  4. I'd split a cabin if anyone's interested.
  5. I'd like to meet with you and ride up together. I'll be camping near Hartsell Colorado the week of the meet and plan to ride up from there. Your route happens to be going through Hartsell. I could meet with you there. I was planning to leave Hartsell Thursday morning and make it in one day or leave Hartsell Wednesday and make it an overnight trip. I'm flexible on my plans. I've ridden around Colorado and know some of these roads. I've been looking at routes from Hartsell and the route you've come up with is the same as what I was thinking about. Most of those roads are new to me but it l
  6. Lookin' to split a cabin. I contacted those who posted earlier in this thread and those offers are no longer available. Contact me if interested.
  7. I'm lookin' to split a cabin or room. I'm gonna pm a few of you who've posted.
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