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  1. http://s1203.photobucket.com/albums/bb393/dennis221/ thanks for a great event barb and dennis
  2. sorry posted this in another post however ??? is their a direct link to paypal to place my Reg. fees for national meet thanks dennis Sorry i found it by reading Its at the vmc store woooooo 3.00 surcharge guess ill have to write a check
  3. r u sure u want your address posted here
  4. Can't c y in this day and age u would not have a passport
  5. My only worry on GC is the line to. Get in coming from south enterence one time 2 hour line to get in
  6. is it refundable if paid and i cannot make it with a earily notice
  7. is there i direct link to paypal so i can pay for Reg. costs sorry found it guess i should read more $3.00 surchare for one guess i'll help the usps with a $0 .48 stamp
  8. ok so its 130.00 whats the refund policy if we can not make it
  9. really we should be planing at least 3 years out so come regions get it together and get some planing going on thanks :chpr :doh
  10. ok i know u all do it but just a reminder to >check that bike< over a little more<< than u normally do exp. battery connections
  11. is mt. a wet state ie booze and beer stores unlike ark. or colo where the beer is 3.2 unless u buy it at a package store
  12. JIMLISTON make sure we hook up .going to calif in mid aug. :beer c u there
  13. oh gratet i shared a room with him in N.C. maybe he will share LOL :beer
  14. nemo looks nice have riden past many many times never stayed there
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