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  1. Yeah I found out that the dates of the Northwest meet and Pendleton bike week are conflicting, I already have my passes and concert tickets for bike week so I'll see you guys at next year's North West meet
  2. I still need to register, hopefully some rooms left
  3. Hahahahahahaha....yup, I'm legal in 38 States and California ain't one of them... Randy are you meeting the group in Ely? Do I know Rosie?
  4. I'm doing the Chama, NM Meet...ends on June 27th. Hmmmm...I'll think bout catching you guys in Littleton on the 29th and ride the V2V back to Nor Cal...have to see if works with my schedule.
  5. That was Excellent, thanks for sharing :chpr
  6. Jack...post a google map of Leg 1 route starting in SF and ending at the End Motel. If members can see the route, they can figure where to pick up the pack. They'll just need an approx time bout what time the pack will be on the section of the route where they want to join up.
  7. This will be the first V2V I've missed in nine yrs...dealing with personal shit...be back on next year.
  8. Brent has done it twice. He's from the Bay Area in Nor Cal.
  9. Well...I'm bummed, love you both. Tom's responsible for me being here...in the VMC, Pattie..you're responsible for me riding on the V2V seven or eight time...not sure, lost count. This just ain't right...love you guys. I remember the time Tom and I met up at the La Grange Saloon, had lunch and drank beer all day then rode up the Little Dragon to Mariposa...hell of a day. Damn, good time.
  10. Watched you 45" vid in about 5"...skimmed through, hell can't even watch a whole vid I make and I try to keep mine to 8" or less...except for that Leg 1 of the 2012 V2V...GAWD, that took all my patients to watch that through while editing it. But, still I think I saw enough to say...Nice Freakin' Ride, great scenery. What Helmet Cam are you using?
  11. Get er' figured out so I can make a reservation.
  12. In the main Vic forum.... http://forums.thevmc.com/bb/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=134404&posts=12&start=1
  13. I'll just thank the VMC for the event. One of my favs. I've done the V2V 5 or 6 times and had a excellent experience each time.
  14. Good pics Dan, thanks for posting. Next time I'll bring the helmet cam.
  15. Great pics Jeff :chpr Hope ya don't mind...did a small crop to get just you guys and the bikes.
  16. Pics from both Ely & Carson City dinners and baton exchange.
  17. OK..whats going on this year?? The ride from Nor Cal seemed to non eventful until I pulled up to the Gold Dust Casino in Carson City...rear brakes are mush. Must have air in the lines. I give Reno Cycle a call, Bill tells me to come on in. It's a 22 mile ride there at 85 mph with no rear brakes. They take care of right away..freakin' excellent customer service. Now I'm back on the Hwy to Carson City doing 85 mph when the inspection cover in front of the seat flies off and goes sailing...I pull over..brakes workin' real good now...and I run back to retrieve it. Two freakin' cars run over it, yeah with their tires. I wait for a breke in the traffic, run out and get it. Scratched to shit but not broken. Slap it on and head out...just in time to get rained as I'm pulling into the Gold Dust...WTF!!! Well OK, Gonna meet up with Wildpew in the morning and head out to Ely to meet the V2V for Legs 13 & 14...hope things go smoother the rest of this ride.
  18. And the full moon has already passed...guess it adds up to one of those days. Hope the rest goes well. Glad Brent isn't the worse for wear. That old Vegas of his just keeps on chuggin' along.
  19. Gonna need a oil change for sure Rylan, then who knows.
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