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  1. On 2/3/2021 at 9:42 AM, oemdesign said:

    I'm planning on making the trip from East Haven CT. I plan on 600 mile days. 

    The spreadsheet with the stops and the GPX file for the trip are attached.

    I added a diversion from the highway just west of Denver.


    East Haven to Leas Vegas 600mi per day.pdf 439.53 kB · 8 downloads 2021EHtoLasVegas.gpx 1.35 MB · 5 downloads

    That, my friend, is organization.

    My plan is ride till I need gas and repeat.....LOL

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  2. 11 minutes ago, 2_shoes said:

    Since my brother lives in Council Bluffs, I'm planning on riding either with folks or by myself and then I'll ride on to his place for a couple of days before I turn around for home. 

    Hopefully some will ride out there with me. 

    Keep me in your loop. I may meet you on the way......

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