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  1. Make the check out to VMC please. Now that all ya all know where I live stop by for a glass of your favorite beverage. You may need to bring it with you.......
  2. Sorry to break in here..... The rate Snowman808 got IS available to all VMC members. It is the rate negotiated by the VMC with Choice Hotels. You MUST book it through the Choice Hotel website or call the designated 800 number to get this rate. YOU CANNOT GET THIS RATE BY BOOKING THROUGH THE INDIVIDUAL HOTELS. Everyone should have received a Choice Hotels S.O.S. (Significant Organization Savings) card with the information on it. The members who have joined in the last couple of years will have this information on the back of their membership card. If anyone needs the code to get this rate please do not hesitate to contact me.
  3. They submitted their proposal before they knew how much money they were getting from the VMC. I can only guess they based their proposal on how much we gave the National last year. That amount was greatly reduced as the funds were not available. IMHO........$50 is a great price seeing as the last few years have been $80+
  4. SWEET!!!!! We are in!!! See all ya all in 152 days.....
  5. Dawn and I are going out Dave........ She can only ride a couple of hours at a time also. You can just signal her and she will "BOP" me on the helmet when you have to pee every 15 minutes or so.....
  6. A bit late this year but we are booked!!! It's my birthday that weekend. Everybody bring presents!!! :jstr :pty :yho
  7. A bit late this year but we are booked!!! It's my birthday that weekend. Everybody bring presents!!! :jstr :pty :yho
  8. Zip file them up and send them to me. I'll post them here. Won't do Facebook....
  9. OK.....2 comments...... 1.) 10am for the officers meeting......I'm on vacation man!!! 2.) You didn't make the meet long enough to take in everything you suggested..... Nice job Vohn......We have been looking for an excuse to visit Charleston for some time. We are both looking forward to this.....
  10. I will ride with Gene on legs 2&3. Your concern is noted and appreciated Vohn. We will make the decision real time.
  11. C'mon man.......It's a joke Gene..... Lighten up Francis....
  12. What time is dinner on Wednesday night? Dawn and I are planning on meeting you for dinner.....
  13. I agree..... Do we have a Marketing Chair?
  14. We made it to Frederick. Had a great day of sunshine today. Not so much is expected for tomorrow.
  15. Not a problem Gene. I know exactly where it is. I live about 1/2 hr from the hotel. You will find I am very flexible. I'll be at the hotel around 7:58am
  16. What time will you be leaving Stroudsburg. I will meet you at the hotel in the morning.
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