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  1. Great news guys...... On a side note.... How ya doin Tommy? Hope all is well......
  2. It might just be late enough in the fall that Mrs Bubble will not want to risk the cool weather. :dp :beer
  3. This pussy will be staying home with his wife. I was brave enough to bring her to the SE Meet, although not enough to stay at the host hotel, and have her meet Lobster and Killemall at the Extreme build but I am not crazy enough to bring her around the rest of you goons.......Have fun!!!!
  4. Thanks for the education Will. Exceptional quality does come at at a price. I don't think I would even buy fries from that guy.
  5. Looks like I will meet you in Cumberland, ride to the first stop then turn around for home.
  6. See ya in La Vale........ I won't get in until about 10:00p. Have to work until 5:30p.
  7. Chris, Are you talking of this hotel? Best Western Plus Braddock Motor Inn 1268 National Highway La Vale, MD 21502
  8. I would like to see the LCs involved and take the leg coming into their area. They should know the sights to stop and see. I was kinda embarrassed not knowing the places I should have pulled over for pics. It really isn't that big of a deal to lead one of these legs. You just go and everyone follows.
  9. You are most welcome. I'm glad I could be there to offer my help. Ride safe guys. I don't want to do this again.
  10. Thanks Lucky. I appreciate your help and I know Tom does also. We are pretty sure we have the bases covered if Tom gets kicked to the curb tomorrow. I am just waiting for the call.
  11. If anyone that can visit Tom in the hospital, I would greatly appreciate it and I know he would also. He is in room # 4001. He has nobody around here and I live 2 hrs away. I will get down when possible. I think he needs some " family" now and we are the closest he has here. His bike and thigns are at my dealer in Quakertown. I will pick it up on Monday.
  12. I just talked to Tom. He is in good spirits. Making jokes. They were still in the process fo admitting him. Surgery on his foot went well. Just his foot, not his ankle. I got the feeling he was not feeling much of his foot at all when we spoke.
  13. Tom went down trying to negotiate an "S" turn. He went in to the left hander ok but did not make the right hand sweep. He drifted across the center line and was clipped by a van full of Amish. His right shoulder hit the right front of the van and took off the passenger mirror. We think his right foot was messed up by the bumper. At last report he was in surgery for his foot and would be in recovery for a couple of hours. He had some road rash on both arms and left shoulder. His right shoulder is sore as heck. Thank goodness he was wearing a helmet. It absolutley saved his noggin'. When I walked into his ER room the nurse was asking him about his foot and he replied " Well, I guess I won't be playing soccer for a while....." He was in good spirits when I left. That was the extent of the injuries as far as I know. I will be calling Tom tonight and update. edited for spelling
  14. We have 6 Victorys and 7 riders. We are in St Clairsville, OH at Northstar Polaris for lunch
  15. Mmmmmmm...party good :beer I agree with the both of you. Let's get something North/South, corner to corner or some way to get more people and places involved.
  16. Keep me in the loop Jim. You will be going right by me. We may follow you up.
  17. We will be having lunch at Trumbauers. I would like to get a good count on riders so we have enough but are not wasteful......
  18. I will only be able to ride as far as needed to get you into familiar territory on Sat. The most convienient place for me to jump off would be Trumbauers but will hang as far as needed.
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