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  1. Had a great time as always...... Thanks for all of your hard work Mark........ See ya next year.....
  2. Ride safe eveyone and have fun. I am off to meet everyone at Liberty State Park. Overcast today but not raining.........right now.......
  3. It is my responsibility to maintain or supervise the maintenance of VMC Ride Release forms. You are encouragd to print out a release form from the members home page on the right under Items on File in yellow. Fill out the release with the legs you are anticipating to ride and bring it with you. I will make sure that there will be extras in the bag if needed. The ride captains should collect them and send them along in the bag. They should be mailed to me at the end so I can keep them on file.
  4. I will be meeting you in Columbus unless I can catch you on the way.
  5. I have a reservation at the Days Inn in Castle Rock. I will not be able to make this trip. I can not cancel my reservation as they say it is a special rate and can not be cancelled. Does anyone need a room? PLEASE??
  6. I'm planning on making this leg this year. Hopefully with Dawn.......
  7. We are heading out for the first week of Sturgis on July 24th or 25th from North Eastern PA. I will then be leaving from Sturgis on Thursday morning July 30th to Billings. Returning to Sturgis on Sunday morning, staying overnight, and back to PA Monday morning. We MIGHT have room for a couple to stay at the rental house in Sturgis on Sunday night Aug. 2.
  8. Jim, Send me one and I will get them up at the 3 dealers around me. secretary@thevmc.com
  9. How much of a mess do these make when it is time for a new tire? I don't want to piss off my dealer and get beads all over their shop.
  10. I will be at dinner on Thursday night. I'm looking forward to it. Are we gonna ride the ferry this year?? :beer
  11. Welcome to the club Jon.......I am looking forward to seeing your products.
  12. Got it installed today and it really finishes off the right side. I needed to find the sweet spot where everything lines up just right and it rolled right on. :yho Thanks for all of your suggestions and a BIG THANK YOU to Outlaw Chrome for a fine product!! :tu
  13. Hey guys, I just got around to installing my rear master cylinder cover.....by the way IT LOOKS GREAT!!!!! I can't seem to figure out how to put it on tho. The brake lines do not fit thru the slot between the bracket and the cover. Is there an easier way to install it other than removing the lines from the cylinder? I eagerly await your reply.....I can't wait to show it off. Mike
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