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  1. We'll miss the Ground pounder show!!! I'll have to come your way next year!!
  2. I watched the Throttle body video. Then went and did it... I was so happy I ordered the No pork or Rice 100% beef patch You guys Rock Thanks again. :chpr
  3. I'm Looking Forward to meet you, See you there!!!
  4. We are riding Nor Cal then looping back to the Meet
  5. Today Dec 15 Rather cloudy 36°Lo 28° Sun Dec 16 Cloudy with a bit of snow 34°Lo 30° more Mon Dec 17 Breezy with periods of snow 37°Lo 23° more Tue Dec 18 Cloudy, snow showers possible 32°Lo 18° more Wed Dec 19 A chance for a snow shower 31°Lo 21° more 3-6 inches of snow this evening through Monday afternoon :blnk
  6. I'm in La Grande OR. calling it a night. Rattlesnake grade to get their. See you all Friday afternoon!!! :chpr
  7. :dp :pty :dp :pty :dp 1 hour until I pull out to meet my Fellow INVR's for breakfast.... Tic tic.....59 minutes until I pull out to meet my Fellow INVR's for breakfast.. 58 minutes...... :blnk :blnk
  8. Looking Forward to seeing Los Viejos crew again!!!
  9. Just for fun, I checked my reservation .. and they still have it.. That's not Paranoid is it??? :blnk
  10. We are leaving on the 26th for ride from Spokane to Yosemite then to Lewiston ( It's 2100 mile short cut!!!) :chpr :chpr
  11. Teresa just had neck surgery and her doctor's do no recommend she ride on the motorcycle for at least six months. Ergo, we are going to forego this event. We just cancelled our reservations at the Red Lion so there is a room available. Sorry to hear this Scott, I hope Teresa recovery goes well. "Take good care of the ones you love", I always say.... See ya two on the" wet" side some time
  12. I'm getting excited!! Paid and Ready!!!
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