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  1. Had a nice little 600 mile uneventful ride home today in beautiful weather. It was nice seeing some old "associates" I haven't seen in a while and nice to meet some new people that are new to the brand and to the VMC as well. Looking forward to Nashville next year and hope to see everyone again down there. Hats off to the group up there in New York for putting this together for everyone. It was no easy task when you consider the size of the group that showed up.
  2. Sorry to read this Will. Kids are only young once and you only get one chance to raise them and before you know it, they'll be gone. There will always be time to work so screw the long hours like you are used to putting in for now and enjoy your kids and cherish these times with them and spend as much time as you can with them. The time will come one day when you'll need them as much as they need you now. Nothing wrong with being a "Soccer Dad"..... I'm sure there are some nice pic's of "Soccer Moms" out there that could lift your spirits just a little.....
  3. I get the buzzing as well on my Hammer with them. Tells me that they're "working" is the way I hear it...
  4. Just like every year, "I'm Registered"...Hope the job schedule allows it....If not, consider it a $35.00 donation to the festivities....
  5. Sounds like one of those life-long learning experiences. Leave trailer at home next time and ride the bike. Still hate to see that some low life piece of crap did that though but their are desperate people out there.
  6. Have you thought about riding your own bike out there? Just wondering...Unless there is some time constraint, I would never think about flying unless it was absolutely necessary. Think how much $$ you would save.
  7. Rylan, You may want to post this on an HD Forum. You'd probably get plenty of takers on it. :har
  8. Won't fit the TC's I guess since you didn't mention them...
  9. I read something about it being up in the North East, Maine / New Hampshire area I think......December, January timeframe if I'm not mistaken...
  10. Hang in there Will and be strong. It's hard but you need to be there for the others and they'll get strength from you. Prayers out to you and the family.
  11. Great read. That's the way it's supposed to work. Stars must have been aligned just right or something...Were Bill's brake lights still working?
  12. If anyone wants to go and doesn't have a room at the host hotel and wants to split a room, PM me.......
  13. If you're still there at 12:30 a.m Friday morning / late Thursday night, add me as 1 more....Can't leave my area here until about 7:30 pm and I lose an hour so it's like 8:30pm Helen time.. Hammerlover
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