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  1. So very rude Bob. Kicking your butt when I see you! ☺️ LaDonna coming? She makes you pretty. ☺️☺️
  2. So very rude Bob. Kicking your butt when I see you! ☺️ LaDonna coming? She makes you pretty. ☺️☺️
  3. Which means Drake Green on the ride. Rod Bond was also with us.
  4. Actually we had Drake Green and Mark Jensen manage Leg Captain duties as Rose (Mandile) was on her hubbys Indian since her Cross Trike was down. Still a fantastic ride!
  5. We dropped down on the 722 to make it interesting. ☺️
  6. We dropped down on the 722 to make it interesting. ☺️
  7. We're meeting in San Fran at Ocean Beach. KSU will be 9am so feel free to arrive before that time at least by 8:45 so we can get a group photo. Rose and I are staying at the Rodeway at 1234 Great Highway. We should arrive some time around 3pm. We'll leave Vegas on Wednesday, stay night in Bakersfield and then head out early with plans to head over to Monterey and then up PCH to the hotel. Enjoying sights as we go. Perhaps some of you can meet us for dinner somewhere? As we aren't familiar with the area I wouldn't mind a recommendation for someplace for dinner that maybe looks ou
  8. I booked down the road at the Rodeway. Who knew the Gold Dust would be so popular?? I know Tom and Patty are at the Gold Dust. Rodeway is 1.4 miles away. We’ll still plan on Ole Ole for dinner. My guess - 6pm dinner?
  9. Will get hotel and registration and whatever else I need to in the next day or so. Rose Mandile will be riding with me and we're headed all the way to San Francisco to watch fireworks over the ocean. Can't wait to see everyone.
  10. This is the route that was suggested: And here's what I would suggest for a route - take the 580 south out of Reno to Carson City and catch 50 west over to Tahoe. Follow it along the east shore of Tahoe until you get to the 89. Take the 89 south to the 88 and follow the 88 all the way to Jackson. Have lunch there. There's a big burger joint there but I can't recall the name of it. Then stay on the 88 until you get to the 12. Head west on the 12 until just before Rio Vista. Take the 160 to the 4 and head west on the 4 until it runs into I-80 west bound. Follow I-80 to Berkeley and that park o
  11. I booked at the Executive Vintage on Bush St. Didn't want to miss out on a room. The number I called is (877) 519-5567.
  12. Do we know who leg captain is yet? What are 'plans' once we 'land' in San Francisco? This will be my first time riding the last leg into San Francisco and I'm looking forward to spending times with friends watching fireworks over the ocean. Info from the locals would be a huge help! Rose Mandile will be with me. Can't wait!
  13. I will be meeting up with the V2V in Heber UT and traveling west to San Francisco. Rose Mandile should be with me. In Ely I plan on staying across the street at the Jailhouse. I took a chance on Hotel Nevada last year and we had to climb 6 flights of stairs as the elevator was broke. I'm sure it's fixed and won't be a problem again however.................. Ed - the Hotel Nevada has the dining area downstairs - we usually ask and receive that area for us. Might be best to call ahead and confirm they still use it. Can't wait to see everyone!!! :)
  14. Well - missed the May 31st hotel rezzie for the group rate. Called and they couldn't get it for me but I did get a Military Rate for just about the same so all is well. See you on July 1st in Park City!!!
  15. Once Graham gets off his lazy butt and lets us know where we're staying in whatever UT city........ :) I'll be meeting up with you wherever that is with Rose Mandile. Will then be traveling all the way to the coast on the rest of the V2V. Fourth of July over the ocean. Excited!!!
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